Sos mi vida

Sos mi Vida (English: You're my life) (International English title: You Are the One) is a 2006 Argentine romantic comedy TV series directed by Rodolfo Antúnez and Jorge Bechara and broadcasted by Canal 13. It began broadcasting on January 16, 2006 and ending January 9, 2007, and during its broadcast averaged 26.9 points overall rating. It was written by Ernesto Korovsky and Sebastian Parrotta, and won several awards.


He is Martin Quesada, ex-F1 driver, now successfully managing the family business. He is a very kind person but since the death of his parents and his wife he is feeling an emptiness which cannot be filled neither by his girlfriend Constanza or his remaining relatives, cousins Miguel and Debi. After longer time abroad he comes back and in the hall of his firm he meets a girl who rocks his world completely. She is Esperanza Muñoz, la Monita, boxer who due to a hand injury is looking for a job. She lives with her long time boyfriend Quique and his mother Nieves in pension and dreams of a big boxing career and the encounter with Martin rocks her world as well. Martin offers her a job and with this the problems start because while Monita is trying to keep secret her boxing and her boyfriend from Martin, he is trying to convince his girlfriend that there is nothing going on between him and Monita but what they cannot keep secret is their growing affection for each other.



Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Weekly schedule
Sos Mi Vida Canal 13 January 16, 2006
Belgium Martin en Monita Vitaya
Bulgaria Ти си моят живот Nova Television
Bosnia Začin života FTV Juny 10,2007 Mon-Fri 6:15 PM
Croatia Začin života RTL Televizija
Czech republic Jsi můj život TV Prima March 9, 2007 Mon-Fri 9:40 AM
Hungary Te vagy az életem RTL Klub July 10, 2006 Mon-Fri 7:00 PM
Macedonia Ти си мојот живот Alsat M October, 6 2008 Mon-Fri 5:00 PM
Poland Jesteś moim życiem TV4 August 26, 2006
Portugal Deixa-me Amar TVI
Puerto Rico Eres Mi Vida Telemundo November 19, 2007 Mon-Fri 9:00 AM
Romania Sos Viaţa Mea Acasă September 18, 2006 Mon-Fri 7:30 PM
Russia Ты - моя жизнь Домашний Mon-Fri 7:00 PM
Slovakia Rany z lásky TV Markíza
Slovenia Razigrani par POP TV September 3, 2007 Mon-Fri 4.50 PM
Turkey Aşk Meleğim Kanal D January 8, 2007


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