Songgotu (1636-1703) (Manchu: ;Chinese:索額圖) was a politician during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. He was an uncle of the emperor's official wife, Empress Xiaocheng of the Heseri clan who died during childbirth. He was the son of Sonin, one of the four regents appointed to assist the young Emperor Kangxi during his minority. He was the great-uncle of the crown prince, Prince Yinreng.

He helped the young Emperor Kangxi to get rid of Oboi, a regent during the reign of the young emperor. Gradually, he gained more and more power and became one of the most prominent officials under Kangxi. He was involved in a long power struggle with Mingzhu, another leading official at that time. He also acted as a diplomat and signed the Treaty of Nerchinsk with Russia. Songgotu was later found guilty of plotting to murder Emperor Kangxi, along with a series of corruption charges, and was executed.


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