is a trading corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. It operates in many industries, including construction, forestry, plastics, chemicals, mining, petroleum, textiles, and international trade. Sojitz also participates in joint ventures with foreign companies in Japan.


The kanji 双日 can be explained as "two of (the kanji) 日," and by such the name encompasses the names of its constituent companies, and , whose original name was started in 1880s to import cotton. "Nichimen" is the contraction of "Nihon Menka," "nichi" being one of the pronunciations of the character 日 (which is the first character in the Japanese word for "Japan," "Nihon." It means "day" or "sun.") and Menka refer to cotton flower. "Ni" and "jitsu" are alternate pronunciations of this character, hence the name "Sojitz" (Sōjitsu), twin or double of character 日, and implys merged in equal position.


Sojitz was formed in 2004 by the merger of and .

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