Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers

The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers (SSDC) is an independent national labor union established in 1959, representing theatrical directors and choreographers, working on Broadway and on National tours, Off-Broadway, and in various resident, regional, stock and dinner theatres throughout the United States.

Member representatives collectively bargain contracts with producers creating the national standards for stage direction and choreography. An executive board elected from membership oversees negotiations.


SSDC serves its membership of stage directors and choreographers, and their profession, through various functions:

  • Elevating standards.
  • Developing communication.
  • Dissemination and exchange of ideas.
  • Aiding development and training.
  • Increasing the esteem and developing all conditions of the profession.

SDC Foundation

The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation (SDCF) is an educational non-profit affiliate of the SSDC founded in 1965, dedicated to supporting the craft and artistry of stage directors and choreographers. SDCF goals are to provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge, to provide opportunities to practice the craft, to promote the profession to emerging talent, to distribute craft and career information and to increase the awareness of the value of members' work. SDCF programs include the Observership Program, Artistic Fellowships, Director/Choreographer Network Meetings, Director/Dramatist Exchanges, the One-on-One Conversation Series and the Joe A. Callaway and "Mr. Abbott" Awards. SDCF also publishes "The Journal for Stage Directors and Choreographers" and "The Stage Directors Handbook."

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