Sky3 is a free to view British television channel, available on Sky Digital as well as Freesat from Sky (where it is available free to view), Freeview (where it is free to air) and Tiscali TV (provided as part of the base pack). The channel was launched on the 31 October 2005, and is the first free to air general entertainment channel from Sky.

Sky3 is essentially a "shop window" service for Sky's main entertainment channel Sky1 and its other subscription services, broadcasting some popular Sky1, Sky Real Lives and Sky Travel shows on a delay of between 12-18 months after their original airing. Highlights from the channels schedule include Futurama, Cold Case, Tru Calling, hairdressing reality show Shear Genius (which premiered on Sky 3), Relic Hunter, Road Wars, the "Inside" stand of documentaries, Brainiac: Science Abuse, 35mm from Sky Movies (which looks at upcoming films in the cinema and on Sky's premium movies service Sky Movies) and Dream Team. Recently the channel has taken to showing old Channel 4 programmes such as Coach Trip and searching for my son. From time to time, low budget movies are shown on the channel. Previously, Sky Three showed the free to air premiers of some of Sky Ones more prestigious shows such as season 3 and 4 of 24, Rescue Me, The 10th Kingdom, Hex and the latest remake of Battlestar Galactica.

On August 31 2008 Sky Three, along with its sister channels Sky One and Sky Two, rebranded in the biggest on air change in Sky One's 20 year history. The rebrand saw the logo change from the written "three" to being replaced in favour of the number "3" as well as a tweak to the Sky part of the logo. There was a fresh set of indents complementing the rebrand. At the Edinburgh Television festival, Richard Woolfe said in an interview to Digital Spy, Sky3 will become female orientated and be home to bigger entertainment shows and dramas.

Sky don't seem to update their channel names on Freeview as it took several months to rename 'Sky Travel' to 'SKY THREE' after it replaced Sky Travel. It is not yet known if Sky are going to rename 'SKY THREE' to 'Sky3' on Freeview after the new logo changes.

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