Skull Snaps

Skull Snaps was a mysterious funk group that released one eponymous album on the small GSF label in 1973 before disappearing. They were in fact the group originally known as The Diplomats who had released numerous singles between 1963 and 1970 with middling success.

Skull Snaps' main claim to fame is not its quality, but that the drum breaks on it have been sampled numerous times on rap and hip-hop records; the familiar opening drum pattern of It's A New Day can be heard in songs by well-known acts such as Ol' Dirty Bastard and The Prodigy. The first person to sample "It's A New Day" was New Haven, CT Hip Hop artist Stezo on a song entitled "It's My Turn".

Ten12 Records re-united all the original members of the Skull Snaps (Erv Littleton Waters, Sam O. Culley, and George Bragg) in 2005 in tandem with the band's first official release, Snapped/ I'm Your Pimp, since their 1975 single. Ten12 Records under the direction of Skull Snaps frontman Erv Waters plans to release the entire Skull Snaps catalog on CD/DVD with recordings from the original album plus five bonus tracks, "Al's Razor Blade," "Ain't That Lovin' You," "On Top Of It," "Soul Makossa," & "She's The One", with live footage and archived photos.

Skull Snaps meet the Audible Doctor Snapped (aside), I'm Your Pimp (bside) (2005 ten12 records-12-inch release)

  1. "Snapped" – 5:05
  2. "I'm Your Pimp (original take)" – 4:07

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