Six Pence for the Sauces

Six Pence for the Sauces was the second and last record released by Drake Tungsten. The five-song EP included two future Spoon tracks, as well as a Pixies's cover. 1996 marked the end of Drake Tungsten, as well as the birth of Spoon - the musical group that Britt Daniel has performed with post-Tungsten.


  1. "Do the Manta Ray" - 2:12
  2. "Cool It You Need" - 3:52
  3. "Chicago at Night" - 3:17
  4. "He Was Soon To Undergo an Experience for which his Long Training as an Aristocrat, a Gentleman, and an Officer Had Scarcely Prepared Him" - 1:09
  5. "I Could Be Underground" - 1:14



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