Simón Bolívar Park

Simón Bolívar Park is located in Bogotá, Colombia. The "Central Simón Bolívar Park" is part of a larger group of surrounding park areas, named the "Metropolitan Simón Bolívar Park". This includes El Lago Park, several sport complexes, a museum, two theme parks and a botanical garden. The Bogotá Palacio de los Deportes, hosting many concerts and events annually, is also part of the Metropolitan Park.

The Central Park has a lake in which paddle boats can be rented. Furthermore, there is a large space designed for concerts, holding up to 140,000 people at one time.

The extension of the Metropolitan Park is greater than that of Central Park in New York, totaling around 400 hectares. Currently, both the Central and Metropolitan Parks host diverse cultural and sporting events including latinamerica's largest free music festival [[Rock al Parque]. On February 28, 2008, it held the most important concert ever in Colombia. The british heavy-metal band, Iron Maiden, played there in their first time they went to the country. Although the Park is big, a lot of people thinks that Bogotá deserves another arena for big concerts.

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