Silver Strike Bowling

'Silver Strike Bowling' is an arcade game that mimics ten-pin bowling on a monitor corresponding to a player's trackball control. The game shares similar technology with Golden Tee, an arcade golf game: both are produced by Arlington Heights, Illinois-based Incredible Technologies, Inc. ("IT.") Users may play standard bowling games or, depending on local availability, can select the Vegas Tournament option allowing players to draw cards for each spare and strike in an attempt to produce the best poker hand.

The original version of Silver Strike Bowling had a difficulty setting with three selections: Easy, Medium and Hard. However, it was not possible to determine the setting by playing the game as the setting was controlled by the operator or owner of the game cabinet. Silver Strike Bowling 2007 does not have this feature and all games have exactly the same physics at all times to ensure a level playing field for online play. While game play between them is otherwise similar, SSB 2007 can always be identified by "Silver Strike Bowling 2007" graphics in the attract mode and usually the game cabinet will have graphics which clearly identify it as an SSB 2007 or later unit. Silver Strike Bowling 2007 Bowler's Club games also have wireless online functionality which is not present in the original Silver Strike Bowling games.

In its latest release, 'Silver Strike Bowling 2007 Bowler's Club', players will be able to win Sweepstakes prizes by playing online-enabled versions. Silver Strike Bowling 2007 works on the ITNet 'LIVE' platform allowing players to see their stats when they play the game as well as view additional stats and historic game play on the Silver Strike Bowling Website IT issues "Player Cards" which allow players to enter contests and do a variety of other things both from ITNet-enabled games and from the company's websites. Player Cards for Golden Tee LIVE! work in Silver Strike Bowler's Club games and vice-versa.

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