Siam di Tella

Siam di Tella was an Argentine company founded by Torcuato di Tella in 1911.

The name Siam is an acronym from Sección Industrial Amasadoras Mecánicas.

Siam di Tella built industrial machines, home appliances and automobiles.

Car model Siam di Tella 1500, based on British BMC Farina series in Early 1960s, became very popular among taxi drivers of Buenos Aires city.

An enthusiastic and active worldwide owners club called the Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club caters for the Siam di Tella 1500 and Magnette cars, di Tella commercials and their UK-built four and six cylinder sisters. The club aims to keep the cars on the road, provides advice, spares and a social forum for enjoying the cars.

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