Short Trips: Dalek Empire

Short Trips: Dalek Empire is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Nicholas Briggs with Simon Guerrier and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection explores characters and events from the Dalek Empire audio series.


Title Author Doctor Featuring
Kalendorf Nicholas Briggs
Natalie's Diary: Part One Joseph Lidster 7th Ace, Hex
Alby Sharon Gosling
Private Investigations Ian Farrington 7th
Natalie's Diary: Part Two Joseph Lidster Ace, Hex
Suz Sharon Gosling
The Best Joke I Ever Told Simon Guerrier 6th Mel
Natalie's Diary: Part Three Joseph Lidster Hex
Hide and Seek Ian Farrington 3rd Jo
The Eighth Wonder of the World Simon Guerrier 6th Evelyn
Mutually Assured Survival Justin Richards
Natalie's Diary: Part Four Joseph Lidster Hex
Museum Peace James Swallow 8th
Return of the Daleks (Script) Nicholas Briggs 7th
''Why Are Daleks Supreme? Nicholas Briggs


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