Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar (born October 13, 1938 in Durham, North Carolina) is an American Gospel music singer. She is a multi-award winner with eleven Grammy awards and seven Dove awards to her credit. She is a graduate of Shaw University with a degree in Business Administration. She also received an honorary doctorate from Shaw University and another one from Southeastern University.

Musical career

Early years

At the age of 10, Caesar began singing and performing for family and friends. Her professional career began at 18 when she approached Albertina Walker about joining The Caravans. She performed with The Caravans from 1958 until 1966 when she began pursuing a solo career and making a name for herself in the gospel music circuit. Caesar credits Walker as her mentor, a true legend of Gospel and "Queen of Gospel Music". "


Caesar has received numerous awards for her gospel albums. She has received a phenomenal eleven Grammy Awards, for recordings including Stand Still, Shirley Caesar Live..., He Will Come, Sailin‘, Rejoice, Celebration and He's Working It Out For You. Between 1981 and 1995 she received seven Dove Awards for Black Gospel Album of the Year for Live at the G.M.W.A., Live...In Chicago, Celebration, Christmasing, Sailin‘, Go and Rejoice. She has also received two Black Gospel Song of the Year Awards for "He's Working It Out for You" and "Hold My Mule."


Caesar graduated from Shaw University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984. She also received honorary doctorates from Shaw University and Southeastern University.

Personal life

Caesar is a minister of her church in North Carolina. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and has been married to her husband Harold Williams since 1983.

Selected discography

  • Live...He Will Come
  • He's Working it Out For You
  • I Remember Mama
  • Greatest Gospel Hits
  • I Know The Truth
  • Miracle In Harlem

The Beginning was the End Your Touch to Me

  Everywhere I go I believe things of the mine I let go breathing in air to show the way What i do to be the one be truthful to let go
  Chorus: Your touch to me led me to astray A way of the darkness leading with you it get too harsh Your touch to me led me astrray A way of the unlnown leading with out you in the sight
  being a part of your light of you trying to be mallow with it to believe in you let go Seldomly the silence of my soul sown high to be your love my mine is of the flying bird the ride is a struggle of peace battling to keep myself alone letting the gold go to remove You make me feel like the flow the one i known is of me
Chorus:1x That
  That place dwelleth in heat shadows of all under thee trusting in him I will say of the love Which is surely foul of the noisome habitation sahll thine be trust in truth before fell in love
  Chorus: That place I dwelleth in afraid that noisome darkness the waseth away we realize the place
  A thousand lust near my heart only look and believe the accident because you have made the love inhabitant Near the dwelling all ways their you have a move because on high will be the call of trouble and happiness
  Falling sow that only look and see which understand the words of works neither high on charge a stone young is the adult and trampled is the feet because he have known my name will long live life be free
Chorus:1x Home Where I Am
  Ladies my light is so aware the man I love do he stay gone thruth is the lad yourself
  Chorus: Outspoken of my life I make the light firing the love to be right Finding the love to be right homw where i am
  my witness no down but doubt seeking love is real ashamed seeing the lust of my soul the wail thinking you cry living when you are mind just because coming to reality I do light i might high don't light given under i'm your life finding the love worthy
  First I set my glass the place remove on the way of the game sets of play two lights I'm your witness of the gain ;2x
  Death wait of love thee awake plunderuing away or it spend
Who You Believe
  Just see the I love you We run to whats on turns to the show oh oh the love of you'll Four you see faithful
Chorus: So who you believe in the end when you're going it's over can you turn to entertainment so who you believe in the end whoom
  Ephah cah da cum ma da pla tha way
  Just see the I love you We run th whats on turns to the show oh oh the love of you'll Four you see faithful
  But summer can pile holdon because the error is si D.... Home home home no wars
  Believing to you i thee hey sown the fair Love Telling me old can bring so D.... believe believing hey call on oh nothing
  Caught me a ga so D.... come me ago
Chorus:1x Can I Put It
  Chorus:Not the seeking of the lust Bring the end to the beginning can I put it down can I put it down
  Finding love is the first of heat Another kiss to flow of the wish again to my heart i can't see it meet me and we'll br because the dance is so high running telling every friend you known to be alive nobody will go
  Then was the sight to dead mistakened of my world I prove bettered is the one because she is led back in
  Not the seeking of the lust bring the end to the beginning canI put it down can I put it down I knew you back hey Shirley Casaer the love was so trull no light
Spotlight heartbeat: instumental Anything for you
  Girl the tweeker is the system lie my love is to set if the style is to toned down my launch is the beat ready fot him now this party is toned down singing alone is the growth
  If you love you anythinf for you because this paty is high anything for you because you wish me on the hotline
  Telling me its okay for her when I say it travels with you you stay with the ghost of the depression that rocked us believe and get us bak trampling this case is the breakthrough of away
  If you love you anything for you because this party is high anything for you because you wish me on the hotline

Film appearances

  • The Unseen (2005)
  • The Fighting Temptations (2003)
  • Oh Happy Day (1987)

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