Shibayama Railway

is a railway company in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It operates Japan's shortest independent railway line, the 2.2 km Shibayama Railway Line between Higashi-Narita Station and Shibayama-Chiyoda Station.

Although the line is independently owned, it functionally resembles an extension of the Keisei Electric Railway. The line is operated using equipment and crews leased from Keisei, and trains continue into the Keisei network past Higashi-Narita (sometimes continuing as far as the Toei Asakusa Line in Tokyo). Shibayama-Chiyoda Station is designed to resemble a Keisei station.

Narita International Airport Corporation owns a majority stake in Shibayama Railway; the remainder is owned by Keisei, Japan Airlines, the prefectural government, and others.

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