Cheryl Childers aka Sherby, (born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) Sherby is an American musician, who has released two albums, "Sherby" and "Starfish Lane". Cheryl also heads the non-profit organziation Likwid Joy.


Cheryl was raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she studied Classical Piano from the age of four. At the age of nine, she began songwriting to further extend her musical aspirations. During Childer's early years, she competed and won National Piano Competitions throughout the US. Upon Entering the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, she focused her studies on Voice and Composition to broaden her range as a musician. While completing her studies at The University of Tennessee,Knoxville, she opted to take part in an exchange program that brought her to the California State University, Northridge, where she continued her musical studies and was also introduced to the California Surf Culture, which has become a significant influence in her overall music style.

In the early 90's, she signed with major record labels but opted after several years to release her music by forming the Lime In The Cocoanut Productions to release her first album, entitled "Sherby". Her first single "SpellBound" charted nationally on the Gavin up and coming charts. She has also received national radio success at Triple A radio stations with the other singles from the same LP.

In addition, Childer's runs a non-profit organization called "Likwid Joy", dedicated to providing music and songwriting as a healing element to underprivileged youth.

Recently, Sherby completed work on her second album, "Starfish Lane" which was released in 2007 and can be found on itunes, theorchard, and well as multiple internet radio sites and podcasts.



  • Sherby (2000)
  • Starfish Lane (2007)


  • "SpellBound"
  • "Honey"
  • '' "Superhero"

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