Seer Gharbi

Seer Gharbi is one of the 51 Union Councils of Abbottabad District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is located in the southeastern part of the province, bordering the Rawalpindi District of Punjab province (the Murree Hills area).

Seer Gharbi also shares a border with the following Union Councils within Abbottabad District - to the north by Tajwal, to the east Nara and Nagri Totial, to the South by Seer Sharqi Bhattian and to the west by Palak.

The terrain of the whole area is hilly and mountainous, to the South lie the plains of the Punjab, travellers from the South find the land rising, the Murree region signals the start of the himalayan mountain range. The higher altitude makes the climate of this area cooler than the land to the south, and there is usually heavy snowfall in the winter blocking roads and making travel difficult.

A notable tourist area of Seer Gharbi is the hill resort of Changlagali.

There are no cities in Seer Gharbi, it is mainly a mountainous rural area, the town of Seer is the largest settlement, the nearest cities to people living in Seer Gharbi are, Murree to the South, Abbottabad (the district capital to the North West), Haripur (to the east) as well as Muzaffarabad to the North east.


Toota Khan the brother of Pami Khan was the first person of the Abbasi family, who arrived in Nagri Totial. When he came to Nagri, a conflict between Kirial Sardars and Toota Khan erupted. Toota Khan was brave person, he fought very well but he was alone. He went back to see his father Doomat Khan(whose Tomb is in Dinah Sharif, Ghora Gali 05 KM before Murree City). He asked his father to send someone with him so that he can live there safely with power. Hassan Khan the son of Pami Khan who was young, brave,strong man, (and the nephew of Toota Khan) accompanied him to live in village Nagri. Toota Khan along with the help of his nephew and kinfolk established a stronghold on the said area. And they defeated the Kirial Sardars who were forced to flee.

2005 earthquake

On 8 October 2005 Seer Gharbi, like much of Abbottabad district, was affected by the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. However human casualties were low, the damage was largely to infrastructure - including damage to water supplies


The Union Council of Seer Gharbi is subdivided into the following areas: Basbher, Malmola and Seer Gharbi.


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