Seefeel are a British alternative rock group, primarily active in the early to mid 1990s. They have released three albums and several EPs between 1993 and 1996.


The band formed in 1992 in London, England, with guitarist Mark Clifford, Mark Van Hoen (bass) drummer Justin Fletcher and vocalist Sarah Peacock. During 1992, Mark Van Hoen was replaced by Daren Seymour on bass. They released their first EPs and first album on the British independent label Too Pure in 1993. The band's music was stylistically situated at the intersection of dream pop/shoegaze and ambient techno/IDM. The band signed with IDM label Warp Records in 1994, after which point Seefeel's music became darker and more minimal. The music became less collaborative within the group after the move to Warp, as is made evident by the similarities between the 2nd Seefeel album Succour, and subsequent Mark Clifford solo releases. The band ceased making music as Seefeel in 1996 and performed their last live concert in October of 1997 alongside Boards of Canada. Members of Seefeel have continued to release new material under different aliases and projects.

Post-Seefeel endeavors

In 1996, Scala was formed by Fletcher, Seymour and Peacock, along with Mark Van Hoen. Peacock later contributed slide guitar, keys and backing vocals on the band January's albums, I Heard Myself In You and Motion Sickness . She currently plays with Simon Breed and The Mighty Shimmering Beasts.

Clifford has been releasing solo work since 1995 as Disjecta and Woodenspoon, and formed Sneakster with Sophie Hinkley in 1999. He has done remixes for the Cocteau Twins, among others.

In 2003, a remix of "Spangle" (from the Starethrough EP) by Autechre was released on the Polyfusia label. AFX has done two mixes of "Time To Find Me" (from the More Like Space EP); one of these mixes appeared on the Aphex Twin compilation, 26 Mixes for Cash.


On May 14, 2007, Seefeel's 1993 album Quique was re-released on UK-based label Too Pure as Quique (Redux Edition). The original tracks have been remastered and a second disc, which contains several rare remixes and previously unreleased tracks, has been added to the album.



EPs, singles


  • Polyfusia (Astralwerks, 1994) (Compilation of EPs More Like Space & Pure, Impure)

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