Scuzz is a British music television channel owned and operated by CSC Media Group (formerly Chart Show Channels). It launched in 2003 and has been advertised as Total Rock. The channel plays a wide range of modern and classic rock and metal music ranging from Emo to black metal. The station encourages its viewers to "rock hard, only with Scuzz".

It particularly specializes in the hardcore and metalcore genres. Scuzz tends to play slightly more underground music videos than the other British rock channel Kerrang, although they do share quite a few songs. Scuzz also shows many exclusive music videos for the first time, most recently Trivium's "The Rising".

The channel also runs weekly competitions, giving viewers the chance to win band merchandise, signed guitars and such things.

The Scuzz logo is on screen in the top left-hand corner during music videos and the song information is shown on a metal plate bolted in two corners at the start and near the end of each music video. The channels' identity is also seen before and after advert breaks when the Scuzz logo is in the center of the screen.

Scuzz is available 24 hours a day on Sky Digital channel 374 and is part of a bouquet of music channels owned by CSC Media, including Bliss, Flaunt, Chart Show TV, The Vault, Flava and NME TV. It is also now available on Freesat.

Scuzz Revamp

Scuzz was given a new look and revamp on April 1, 2006. Replacing the old black and white logo and song titles to a blue, smokey look. After the revamp the channel has begun to air more special, dedicated shows, such as a live performance from the metal group Trivium, and more recently, a weekend devoted to Swedish Melodic death metal band In Flames.

As of at least December 31, 2007 Scuzz was once again revamped; being given a much more industrial style look.


  • 15 Minutes Of Rock! - 15 minutes dedicated to the best music from different bands.
  • 21st Century Rock - All of the latest rock music videos.
  • 21st Century Videos - A chance for viewers to choose music videos.
  • 30 Stupid Rock Videos - A countdown of the 30 most funny rock music videos.
  • Absolute Metal Mayhem - A huge mix of non stop metal music.
  • Alive and Rocking - Even more non stop rock music.
  • Brand New This Week - A collection of brand new music videos each week.
  • Double Barrel - Two back to back videos from a selection of rock bands.
  • Enter Sandman - A selection of rock music videos from the latest artists and groups.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn - A selection of the latest and greatest rock music videos.
  • Full Metal Racket - A mix of metal and rock music.
  • Get The Rock Outta Bed - An early morning mix of rock music videos.
  • Mosh Makers - A collection of wild rock music videos.
  • Non Stop Rock - A non stop mix of rock music videos.
  • Nu Music - All the latest rock music from the newest artists and bands.
  • Rock Album Chart - A countdown of the top rock music albums.
  • Rock City - A selection of rock music videos.
  • Rock Gods - Videos from the greatest rock legends of all time.
  • Rock N Load - A selection of new music videos and bands.
  • Scuzz Loves... - A selection of videos from some of the greatest artists in rock.
  • Scuzz on Demand - A chance for viewers to choose their favourite rock videos.
  • Scuzz Rock Chart - A countdown of the best rock music videos of the week.
  • The Mosh Pit - A mix of the hardest metal and rock music.
  • The Official Scuzz Rock Chart - A countdown of the best rock music.
  • The Scuzz Rock Album Chart - A countdown of the best rock albums.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -Animated Police Drama
  • The Year of Rock - A look back at the rock music of a particular year.
  • Ultimate: - Half an hour dedicated to a band or artist.
  • Ultimate: Todays Most Requested - The most requested music videos as voted for by viewers.
  • Wake Up Rock Hard - A selection of the best rock music.
  • Welcome To The Jungle - A mix of the hardest rock music around.
  • When Darkness Falls - A selection of rock music videos.
  • XXX- Rated - Shows explicit videos, late night only.
  • Year Of Rock - An hour dedicated to a selected year in rock music.

Virgin Media Removal

On November 6 2007, Scuzz along with Bliss and Flaunt, were removed from Virgin Media's ex-NTL platform as a deal with Chart Show Channels could not be made to make the channels available to their ex-Telewest platform.

Recently the channel relaunched its website, previously only for use to examine the channel listings, playlist and forum. Now, it has facilities to air videos online, premiering videos for bands such as 3 Inches of Blood and, more recently, Silverstein, to act as a social networking site and to promote the channel's competitions. Also, the website, through its forums, has also been known to present competitions to users, allowing them to win band merchandise and CDs.

The new site also offers the chance for fans of three selected bands to put forward questions for the bands to answer. These questions will later form the basis of an interview, which is also shown on the site.


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