Satanic holidays

The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult quotes The Satanic Bible as listing the main Satanic holidays as Walpurgisnacht (30-APR), Halloween (31-OCT), and the member's birthday.

Christian authors have written dozens of anti-Satanic books with lists of supposed Satanic Ritual Days. According to the Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance, in some cases the authors appear to create information out of thin air, or copy the works of other conservative Christian writers. Few, if any, appear to have any direct knowledge of Satanism and all show a general lack of familiarization with the religion.

For instance, in The Edge of Evil "Grand High Climax" is said to be a major holiday celebrated by Satanists on December 24. Evangelical Christian author Jerry Johnston says in this book that it is a celebration meant to juxtapose the Christian holiday of Christmas Eve, when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated.

He claims that Grand High Climax is traditionally celebrated with a Black Mass, followed by great excesses of food, drink, sex, and merriment, but a rite called "Grand High Climax", and the details of the activities involved, is not a rite acknowledged by the Church of Satan or any other Satanic group, but is part of the Satanic panic and beliefs about the Witches' Sabbath.


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