Santa Isabel, Espírito Santo

Santa Isabel is a small town, in the municipality of Domingos Martins, state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Situated 3km from the capital of that municipality, of same name.


The area, first known as Santa Isabel Colony, was the first centre for colonization started under the auspices of Luiz Pereira do Couto Ferraz, then president of the province of Espírito Santo (now satate). As part of this program the first 39 families from North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate (then known as Rheinpreussen in German or Prússia Renana in Portuguese, today those names are only historical), arrived to Vitória on the 21 of December 1846, first they settled in Viana but in 1857 most families followed on to found Santa Isabel Colony in the 27th of January 1857.

The first church built in Santa Isabel is from the 1850's. In 1859 more German families arrived to the area, and also the first Italian immigrants. The colony separated from Viana on 16th of October 1917.

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