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Sakigake!! Otokojuku

by Akira Miyashita is a Japanese manga later made into an anime series. It is staged in a private boy's school that teaches ōendan to troubled teen-agers. The students are trained to "revive the Spirit of Japan" and mainly engage in fighting or killing courses. The nature of the manga is usually considered by the readers as a comical, or even parody view of Japanese nationalism.


The genius principal of the private school, Heihachi Edajima, was a war hero during World War II. He trained his students to play an active role in politics, economics and industries in Japan and all over the world, though the way of training is highly anachronistic.

The martial arts depicted in this series are also highly exaggerated. Whenever someone is about to play an otherworldly trick, the author draws a sidebar to explain it and cites an encyclopedia-style explanation from books published by "Minmei Publishing Co." (民明書房) which is a fictitious story-telling device. For example, one of the minor villains had ability to control a crocodile. The side note stated, "In South Asia, there are regions heavily populated by various killer crocodiles. In the 18th century, a technique for controlling these crocodiles was developed by a secret tribe of beastmasters. Using this technique, the tribes defended their territory from outsiders. For this reason, crocodiles are considered sacred and their religion worships a crocodile god. Even now, in certain South Asian countries, the killing of a crocodile is a capital offense. Last year, a Japanese tourist caught unwittingly carrying a crocodile-skin handbag was hanged. - Crocodile Dandy"


Early Gag Manga Arc

The strongest of the Otokojuku first years, Momotaro Tsurugi, while enduring and overcoming the strict training of the malicious instructors and the second years, resolves the problems of the other first years with wisdom, kindness, and a manly spirit.

Kyoura Daiyon Kyousatsu Arc

The budget of Otokojuku falls into the red, so Edajima devises to throw the festival in order to collect profits. However just as the festival reaches a climax, Omito Date and his Kanto Gogakuren attack. When they are unable to settle the dispute through Otokojuku's specialty matches, Edajima suggests the . Date and the Gogakuren agree and the battles take place on the sacred Mt. Fuji.

Dai Ishin Pa-Lien Seiha Arc

After the conclusion of the Kyoura Daiyon Kyousatsu, Momo descends the mountain to find his friends still alive. Their joyous moment is interrupted when they are called out by the third years. They then head to Tendo Shirne to face the third years in the '''.

Tenchou Gorin Dai Bukai Arc

After the Paren Seiha is ended, Momo and the gang are called to the headmaster’s room. There there are shown a war film about how the US Army discovered a skillfully disguised Japanese Army secret base and destroyed it. When some of the students doubt this, Edajima tells them of a man who held a position in the US Army. That man’s name was Takemitsu Isa, now known as Hyoei Todo. The student now wish to attack this inhuman Todo, so they participate in which he sponsors.

Battle of the Seven Tusks Arc

One month after the Tenchou Gorin, Momo and the gang welcome the newly enrolled students. During Momo’s fight over his title as representative with new first year Souji Togo, an incident occurs in the headmaster’s room. Despite his overwhelming fighting power, Edajima suffers a deat before a capture gun strong enough to take down an elephant. He is kidnapped and his assailants escape into the air. The students then set out for the in order to rescue Edajima.

Fuun Rakanjuku Arc

Edajima's lifelong rival Kinzo Kumada creates another Otokojuku called , and as they agreed upon three years ago, Otokojuku and Rakanjuku compete against each other in the match.


Spin-off series

  • : Some troubled student's previous lives as warring heavenly deities.
  • : On Edajima's restless childhood and youthful days.
  • : Momotaro's son leads the student army.

Audio Drama

After the anime was ended, a 2 episode audio drama tape was sold, covering the Tenchou Gorin Arc. The same voice cast from the anime was used.


  • Preliminary League Arc
  • Hien vs. Shuten Doji
  • Jaki Daigouin vs. Zeus
  • Omito Date vs. Ryuuhou
  • Momotaro Tsurugi vs. Shu Kougen
  • Finals League Arc
  • Genji Togashi/Ryuuji Toramaru vs. Amon/Unmon
  • Momotarou Tsurugi vs. Pharaoh
  • Gekkou vs. Souketsu
  • Omito Date vs. Ryoukou

Live Action Film

Video Games

  • Famicom game - Sakigake!! Otokojuku (released March 3, 1989). The series was also represented in the two cross-over games Famicom Jump and Famicom Jump II: The Strongest Seven.
  • Game Boy game - Sakigake!! Otokojuku - Meikoushima Kessen (released Aug. 4, 1990)
  • Playstation game - Simple 2000 - The Dodgeball - Sakigake!! Otokojuku (released Aug. 29, 2002)
  • Playstation 2 game - Sakigake!! Otokojuku (released Nov. 10, 2005)

Playable Characters: Heihachi Edajima, Momotaro Tsurugi, Genji Togashi, Ryuuji Toramaru, J, Gouji Akashi, Raiden, Gekko, Hien, Omito Date, Manjimaru, Senkuu, Eikei, Rasetsu, Jaki Daigouin, Pharaoh, Sou Reigen, Gouki Toudou, Hakuhou, Zeus, Shishimaru Tsurugi (secret).

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