Sagami Railway Izumino Line

The is a railroad owned by Sagami Railway(Sotetsu for short). It runs from Futamatagawa(Yokohama city) to Shōnandai(Fujisawa city), and has Rapid services, but it stops at every station on this line (rapid service is taken in its Main Line). Most of the trains run to Yokohama on the Main Line.

Line data

  • Total length: 11.3 km
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm
  • Number of stations: 8
  • Double-track: Entire line
  • Electric supply: 1,500 V DC

Station list

Station name in Japanese Distance from (km) Stop Transfers Location
neighbor Futamatagawa Yokohama Rapid
Ward City
Futamatagawa 二俣川
0.0 10.5 X Sagami Railway Main Line Asahi Yokohama
Minami-Makigahara 南万騎が原 1.6 1.6 12.1 X
Ryokuentoshi 緑園都市 1.5 3.1 13.6 X Izumi
Yayoidai 弥生台 1.8 4.9 15.4 X
Izumino いずみ野 1.2 6.0 16.5 X
Izumi-Chūō いずみ中央 2.2 8.2 18.7 X
Yumegaoka ゆめが丘 1.1 9.3 19.8 X
Shōnandai 湘南台 2.0 11.3 21.8 X Odakyū Enoshima Line, Yokohama City Transportation Bureau Blue Line (Subway Line 1) Fujisawa

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