Rumi Shishido

is an seiyū and a former J-pop singer, who released her first single on May 21, 1990. Her final release as a J-pop artist was on April 22, 1996. She joined the members of Lip's and Rakutenshi to form the short-lived idol group Nanatsuboshi. She is also known by the nickname Run Run.

Rumi was born in Kitakyūshū, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan as the only daughter of an old Samurai family (her grandfather was a buddhist monk). She was a cheerleader at school, and in 1990 she made her debut as the primary winner of a contest called "LOTTE - the CM idol is you". She grew up in Hiroshima.

Until the summer of 1992 she was managed by a company (as are most celebrities), but then she terminated that arrangement, and has since not been tied to any company. As an independent singer she was seen performing at unusual places such as discos, as well as supplying her voice for anime series.

Notable roles in anime


  • Her recent works have a lot to do with the manga works by Ai Yazawa.
    • She played Mikako Kouda in the Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss anime.
    • She voiced Hachi (Nana Komatsu) in the PS2 game version of Nana. Also, she had a cameo role as Sakagami, Hachi's bad tempered superior at the publisher's in the first live-action movie.
    • Her CD, "Rumi Roll", featured cover art by Yazawa; Volume 9 of Nana also helped to promote the CD.

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