Rugrats is a popular animated children's television show. The show features the day to day lives of a group of toddlers and their parents. The series premiered on children's television channel Nickelodeon on August 11, 1991. Rugrats was one of the first three "Nicktoons" along with "Doug" and "Ren and Stimpy". It became a commercial and critical hit. The cartoon was the highest rated kids' show on television from 1995 to 2000.

Rugrats focuses primarily on four major characters. The four primary characters are a group of toddlers who constantly use their imagination to create adventures when they are at home or out with their parents. Tommy Pickles is the leader of the group and is the primary character followed throughout the show. Tommy is known for his bravery and ingenuity and leads the other children on the adventures. Other primary characters are Chuckie Finster and Phillip and Lillian Deville. Chuckie is fearful of most things and is very cautious when the group goes on adventures. Phillip and Lillian are male and female twins who are referred to as "Phil" and "Lil" in the show. The twins do everything together and always dress in a similar manner. They have a penchant for eating bugs and belching.

There are numerous other characters which make regular appearances on the show. The toddlers are often joined by Tommy's dog Spike who is often featured in their adventures. Angelica Pickles is Tommy Pickle's cousin and she if often left to play with the babies when the adults spend time together. Angelica is able to communicate with both the adults and the toddlers. She spends most of her time teasing the toddlers and attempting to get them in trouble with the adults. These characters are most often the focus of the show however there are numerous other minor characters with recurring roles.

Rugrats was so successful that it resulted in two television spin-offs and three movies. The characters also star in video games, comic books, live stage shows and a wide variety of merchandise. Rugrats has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and is one of the most popular children's television shows to ever be produced.

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