Royal McBee

Royal McBee was the name of the computer manufacturing and retail division of Royal Typewriter which made the early computers RPC 4000 and RPC 9000. Royal McBee partnered with General Precision in the Royal Precision Electronic Computer Company, which sold and serviced the LGP-30 (in 1956) and LGP-21 (in 1963) single-user desk computers manufactured by the Librascope division of General Precision. Royal McBee was based in Port Chester, New York.

The LGP-30 is the computer on which Mel Kaye performed a legendary programming task in machine code, retold by Ed Nather in the hacker epic "The Story of Mel"

The name "Royal McBee" is now being used by a motion picture production company in South Florida, whose members were impressed with the precision themes of that era in technology.

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