Royal Horse Artillery

The Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) is a regiment in the British Army. "A" and "B" Troops of the Royal Horse Artillery were raised in January 1793 at Goodwood in Sussex by the 3rd Duke of Richmond, who was Master-General of Ordnance, to provide fire support for the cavalry. They were joined by two more troops in November 1793. All RHA personnel were mounted - a departure from the prevailing British practice under which the guns were served and drawn by different groups, which restricted tactical mobility.

Today, the RHA is operationally part of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Artillery) order of battle; there are currently four separate regiments that wear the cypher (cap badge) of the RHA:

Within the Royal Artillery structure, posting between the RA and the RHA is fairly common. However, the Royal Horse Artillery regiments are perceived as élite, and a posting to an RHA unit is regarded as a significant career advancement.

The Royal Horse Artillery has provided the Queen's Guard on three occasions:

  • 1 RHA - January 1979
  • 7 RHA - March 1989
  • King's Troop - April 2007

The King's Troop provides the Queen's Life Guard in Whitehall for three weeks in August each year while the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment goes away for summer training.


Order of Precedence

When on parade with its guns, the Royal Horse Artillery takes precedence over every other regiment and corps in the British Army, and parades at the right of the line. Otherwise, it immediately follows the Household Cavalry.

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