Rossall is a suburb of the town of Fleetwood on the Fylde coast in Lancashire, England.

Geography and administration

Rossall is located in the south-west of Fleetwood along the coast with Thornton-Cleveleys to the south. Rossall is currently in the Blackpool North and Fleetwood parliamentary constituency. However at the next general election it will be part of the newly created Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency. Rossall is also in the North West England European parliament constituency. Rossall ward is one of five local council wards in Fleetwood.


A Manor House at present-day Rossall, was in the possession of the Allen family by the time of Henry VIII. The Allens were prominent Roman Catholics, and Henry VIII repossessed the land. Cardinal William Allen was born at the Manor House in 1532. It was ultimately sold to Thomas Fleetwood, whose son Edmund, expanded the house into Rossall Hall. The land remained in the Fleetwood family for 300 years.

By the 1830s, the house and estate was in the ownership of Edmund's descendant Peter Hesketh, High Sheriff of the County of Lancashire and MP for Preston, who later changed his name to (Sir) Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood. By 1844, Hesketh had run into serious financial difficulties. He had engaged Frederick Kemp as his agent and the two had considerable financial differences of opinion. Kemp borrowed against the estate revenues to finance the expansion of Fleetwood, and Hesketh became over-leveraged. He was obliged to sell much of the estate, together with Rossall Hall itself. The Hall was taken over by Rev. St. Vincent Beechey and converted into a Church of England boarding school, designed as a Northern equivalent of Beechey's Marlborough College and later to become Rossall School.

Rossall School

Rossall School is the most prominent school in Fleetwood., The school is a co-educational, independent, day and boarding school catering to ages 5 to 18. It was founded in 1844 on the site of Rossall Hall by Rev. St Vincent Beechey.

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