Rosengård, literally "Rose garden", is a city district in Malmö, Sweden. As of 1 January 2007, the population was 21,955, of which 60 percent were born outside of Sweden. Albeit frequently incorrectly referred to as a suburb, Rosengård constitutes an integral part of Malmö city and is, contrary to common belief, fairly centrally located, neighbouring the city's Centrum district. Rosengård is also called the ghetto.


Rosengård was built between 1960-1970 with the Million Programme. It was regarded as kind of a futuristic neighbourhood. Malmö suffered from a significant shortage of cheap housing. When immigrants arrived in the 1960s and 1970s they frequently were offered housing at Rosengård, and at the same time (and, particularly, later) many Swedish nationals left the area.

In the 1990s a new wave of refugees arrived in Sweden, from Arabic countries, former Yugoslavia, Africa, etc.


Population development

Year, Inhabitants

  • 1961 5,250
  • 1971 23,112
  • 1981 18,006
  • 1991 17,190
  • 2001 21,027
  • 2004 21,526

Immigrants in Rosengård

Country First generation Second generation 1 Equalling
Serbia 2,987 1,244 4,231
Iraq 2,482 753 3,235
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,400 254 1,654
Lebanon 1,310 1,386 2,696
Poland 520 142 662
Totalling 12,681 5,355 18,036
Rate of population 59% 25% 84%

  1. In this case referring to persons born in Sweden with both parents born in the mentioned country.


In 2002, the employment rate among the population between 20-64 years was only 37% (Men 40% ; Women 33%), with 4,226 being employed.


RoCent, in central Rosengård, is a shopping mall with several stores, including one of Sweden's largest grocery stores (member of the Citygross chain).

Just outside the borough one finds the Malmö mosque. It is situated a few hundred metres from the Västra Skrävlinge Church, in a small park called Örtagårdsparken. Being the largest mosque in Malmö it is usually well attended. Adjacent buildings include a pre-school, a playground and child care.

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