Roosevelt Intermediate School

Theodore Roosevelt Intermediate School ("Roosevelt" or "RIS", formerly "RJHS") is a middle school in Westfield, New Jersey, USA. It was built in 1926, as part of the Westfield Public Schools. It was awarded the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education, the highest award an American school can receive, during the 2004-05 school year.


RIS has five main academic courses:

  • Math
  • Foreign Language (choice between Spanish or French) but if you take supplemental you do not have to take a world language.
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts

There are also three elective periods, as follows:

Grade 6-

  • 1 marking period each of Technology and Computers and 2 marking periods of Art
  • 3 marking periods of Physical Education and 1 marking period of Health
  • 4 marking period of music class*

Grade 7-

  • 1 marking period each of Health and Woodshop, and 2 marking periods of Art
  • 4 marking periods of Physical Education
  • 4 marking periods of music class*

Grade 8- Students take 3 mandatory marking periods of Physical Education and 1 mandatory marking period of Health, and choose enough of the following courses to add up to 8 more marking periods.

  • Band- 4 marking periods
  • Chorus- 4 marking periods
  • Orchestra- 4 marking periods
  • Fine Arts- 2 marking periods
  • Arts & Crafts- 2 marking periods
  • Journalism- 2 marking periods
  • Woodshop- 2 marking periods
  • Small Engines- 2 marking periods
  • Drama- 2 marking periods
  • Graphic Design- 2 marking periods
  • Project Technology- 2 marking periods

*Students choose between Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. Some students qualify to take a supplemental study hall instead of music.

  • Roosevelt Intermediate School also has many extra carricular activities and clubs. They have a great program for the arts. In the spring of 2008 they put on the show Footloose!


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