Ron Balicki

Ron Balicki is an actor and stuntman for various films and television series. He is also a well known martial arts practitioner, teacher and author. He is a student and the son-in-law of Dan Inosanto.


Balicki grew up in Chicago, Illinois. In 1987 he became a Deputy Sheriff for Cook County in Chicago, Illinois. He helped to form a "Special Operations Resistance Team" which trained officers in how to handle riot control. Around this time he found work as a bodyguard for several Hollywood movie and music stars (Steven Segal, Public Enemy, Kid 'n Play, Queen Latifa and D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (Will Smith). On December 6, 1995 he married Diana Lee Inosanto, daughter of Dan Inosanto. Ron and Diana have two sons: Sebastian and Zachary.

Martial arts

Ron began training in the martial arts in the late 1960s. In 1982 Ron sought out one of Bruce Lee's most well known students and training partners, Dan Inosanto. After training with Inosanto, Ron earned his Full instructorship in Maphilindo Silat, Eskrima and Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do concepts).

Ron has served as stunt coordinator and fight choreographer on many film projects (see "filmography" section below). In addition he and his wife co-choreographed martial arts for the stage production, Be Like Water, produced at East West Players in 2008, which features the ghost of Bruce Lee visiting a troubled teenage Asian American tomboy, offering her lessons and guidance.

Law Enforcment

Being a former Deputy Sheriff, Ron has traveled the world training Military and Paramilitary organizations from the DEA to local law enforcement agencies. Ron has trained Navy Seals, Anti-terrorists, the French Secret Service and Homeland Security personal.

Ron is a student of the following martial arts masters:

Over his years of training and studying with these instructors, Ron earned further instructorships in Muay Thai, Savate, Lameco Escrima, Degerberg Blend, Wing Chun, Latigo y daga (whip fighting), and Shoot wrestling.

Professional fighting

Ron competed in America and Japan in "Vale Tudo" matches (No holds barred) fighting tournaments. As a professional Shoot Wrestler, Balicki holds the title of "Shooter" (Professional Fighter) under Yori Nakamura.

Ron Balicki won the 1996 Southern California Boxe Française Savate Championship Tournament.



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Magazine cover photo

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Movies and Television work include

  • "Highway Hunters" (2008) (Stunt Coordinator)
  • "Sinners & Saints" (2008) (Stunt Coordinator) (Associate Producer)
  • "The Cursed" (2007) (Stunt Coordinator) (Stunt Double: Louis Mandylor) (Co Producer)
  • "The Sensei" (2006) (Stunt Coordinator) (Executive Producer)
  • "Just Legal" (2005) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Julias Home" (2005) (Stunt Coordinator)
  • "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2003) (2004) (2005) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" (2004) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Fist of Cheese" (2004) TV Series (Stunt Coordinator) (Associate Producer)
  • "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" (2004) (Fight Coordinator) trainer: Milla Jovovich)
  • "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" - (Stunts) (2004)
  • "Drake & Josh" (2004) TV Series (Stunt Rigger)
  • "The Prodigy" (2004) (Stunt Coordinator) Fight Choreographer) (Stunt Double: Rains) (Associate Producer)
  • "Redemption" (2002) (V) (Stunts)
  • "A Ribbon of Dreams" (2002) (Associate Producer)
  • "Alias" (2001) TV Series (Stunts) Multiple Episodes
  • "Point Doom" (2001) (Stunts)
  • "Modern Warriors" (2000) Himself
  • "Life Streams" (2000) (Stunt Coordinator) (Fight Choreography)
  • "No Tomorrow" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "The Roseanne Show" (1998) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain" (1998) (Stunts)
  • "The Cutoff" (1998) (assistant stunt coordinator) (Stunt Double) Winner: Action Film Festival
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Spy Game" (1997) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Money Talks" (1997) TV Series (French Terrorist)
  • "The Glimmer Man" (1996) (Stunts)
  • "Barb Wire" (1996) (Fight Trainer: Temuera Morrison) (Stunts)
  • "Second Skin" (1996) (Stunt Coordinator)
  • "MTV New Edition Music Video "Hit Me Off" - (Stunt Coordinator) (1996)
  • "Dear God" (1996) Cop
  • "The Burning Zone" (1995} Soldier
  • "Mars Attacks" (1995) Military Captain
  • "Surface to Air" (1995) POW
  • "Sword of Honor" (1994) (V) (Stunts)
  • "Jag" (1994) Soldier
  • "Spawn" (1994) Cop
  • "The Rock" (1994) Soldier
  • "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993) TV Series (Martial Arts) (Stunts)
  • "Biography "The Life of Bruce Lee" (1993) (Martial Artist)
  • "Fate of the Dragon" - (Stunt Coordinator) (1993)
  • "Defender" - (Stunts) (1993)


  • The Sensei (2005)
  • The Prodigy (2004)
  • Barb Wire (1996)

Training Videos

  • "Close Range Combat Wing Chun Series" by Randy Williams (1987) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant) Producer)
  • "Espada "Y" Daga" by Edgar Sulite (1993) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant)
  • "The Defensive Edge Series" (1995) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Instructor / Author) Producer)
  • "The Explosive Art of Penchak Silat Serak" by Victor DeThouars (1999) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant) Producer)
  • "The Warriors Edge Knife Fighting Series" (2002) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant) Producer)
  • "Blitzing Sticks" by Victor DeThouars (2003) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant for Dan Inosanto)
  • "Stun Stagger and Stop Series" (2004) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Assistant) Producer)
  • "The Fighting Sarong Series" (2005) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Instructor / Author) Producer)
  • "Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Instructor Series" (2004) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Instructor / Author) Producer)
  • "Fighting with the Sjambok Series" (2005) (Ron Balicki Co-Martial Arts Instructor / Author) Producer)
  • "Filipino Boxing Series" (2006) (Ron Balicki Martial Arts Instructor / Author) Producer)

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