Robert I

Robert I may refer to:

  • Robert I of France (c. 865–923), King of France, 922–923, rebelled against Charles the Simple
  • Robert I of Poitiers (866–923), Count of Poitiers, Count of Paris (888), Marquis of Neustria, and King of West Franks, 922–923
  • Robert I Archbishop of Rouen (d. 1037), Archbishop of Rouen, 989–1037, son of Duke Richard I of Normandy
  • Robert the Magnificent (c. 1000–1035), also named Robert I, Duke of Normandy, 1027–1035), father of William the Conqueror. Sometimes known as Robert II, with Rollo of Normandy, c. 860–c. 932, as Robert I because Robert was his baptismal name when he became a Christian
  • Robert I, Duke of Burgundy (1011–1076), Duke of Burgundy, 1032–1076
  • Robert I, Count of Flanders (1029–1093), also named Robert the Frisian, Count of Flanders, 1071–1093
  • Robert I of Dreux (c. 1123–1188), Count of Braine in France, son of King Louis VI
  • Robert I of Artois (1216–1250), son of King Louis VIII of France
  • Robert I of Scotland (1274–1329), also named Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, 1306–1329, helped achieve Scotland's independence
  • Robert Estienne (1503–1559), scholar-printer and son of Henry Estienne

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