River Annan

The River Annan (Uisge Annan in Gaelic) is a river in southwest Scotland. It rises at the foot of Hart Fell, five miles north of Moffat. A second fork rises on Annanhead Hill and flows through the Devil's Beef Tub before joining at the Hart Fell fork north of Moffat.

From there it flows past the town of Lockerbie, and to the sea in the fishing town of Annan. It is one of the region's foremost fishing rivers, despite being used for many years by Chapelcross nuclear power station for cooling purposes. The main fish found - and hence the target of anglers - are salmon and sea trout, brown trout, grayling and chub, with a few others such as pike. To fish on the Annan you need permission from the owner, but you do not need an EA rod licence (England only). Tickets can usually be booked on


The etymology is unknown, although some sources suggest it may mean simply "water", from a Celtic language.

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