Richard Long

Richard Long is a name shared by the following individuals:

English political figures

  • Richard Long (courtier) (c.1494–1546), Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Henry VIII; knighted in 1537; MP for Southwark (1539)
  • Richard Long (MP 1694) (1668–1730), Whig MP for Chippenham, Wiltshire; supporter of the Immorality Bill; sheriff of Wiltshire (1702–03)
  • Richard Long (MP 1734-1741) (c.1691–1760), member of the Long family of Wiltshire; first son of the above; Tory MP for Chippenham
  • Richard Godolphin Long (1761–1835), another member of the Long family; grandson of the above; MP for Wiltshire (1806–18)
  • Richard Penruddocke Long (1825–1875), further member of the Long family; MP for Chippenham (1859–65) and North Wiltshire (1865–68)
  • Richard Long, 3rd Viscount Long (1892–1967), later member of Wiltshire's Long family; Conservative MP for Westbury (1927–31)
  • Richard Long, 4th Viscount Long (born 1929), contemporary member of the family; second son of the above; Conservative MP


  • Richard Long (actor) (1927–1974), American performer best known for the TV series The Big Valley and Nanny and the Professor
  • Richard Long (artist) (born 1945), English sculptor, photographer and painter who, after four nominations, won the Turner Prize in 1989
  • Richard Long (broadcaster), New Zealand newsreader who achieved high popularity during a 17-year TV career (1987–2003)

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