Retard-O-Bot is an Alternative, Electropunk band that first performed in the year 2000 in Tampa, Florida.

The band currently consists of Peter Pepper (vocals), Benny Normal (keyboard), TJ Brainz (drums).



In the year 1999 Retard-O-Bot conceptually came into existence as music to accompany a series of cartoons.


In 2000 after their first live performance, Retard-O-Bot recorded and released their first demo entitled "8-Track" which contained 8 songs, nearly all of which were under 2 minutes in length.


In 2001 Retard-O-Bot recorded and released a second demo entitled “Cassette Tape”, which contained 11 songs counting 1 hidden track. A song entitled Façade on the “Cassette Tape” demo was featured on as "the MP3 of the week" that year. Retard-O-Bot also recorded a cover of the song "Straight out the Dancehall" for a Warlock Pinchers tribute album. The album also contained covers by The Melvins and Crispin Glover, who is most notable for his performance as George McFly in the Back to the Future series. And Chester Bennington of Linkin Park wore a Retard-O-Bot shirt in their "Points of Authority (live)" Video which was in regular rotation on MTV.


In 2002 Retard-O-Bot were invited to tour with the S&M Shock Rock group The Genitorturers by David Vincent, Genitorturers' bassist, and former frontman of Morbid Angel. It was on this outing Retard-O-Bot frontman Peter Pepper had brought destruction to 10’ tall robots, ignited homemade pyrotechnics, rolled around in broken glass and engaged in physical altercations involving audience members. The aforementioned became characteristic of the band's live show during this tour.


In 2003 Retard-O-Bot recorded and released “Scatter Brained,” considered heavier than their past demos this was the last recording Johnny Robot performed on.


In 2004 The “Rabid” EP was released, the song “Role Models” was the chosen single, On a Cleveland, OH radio interview, Gen of the Genitorturers declared “…Retard-O-Bot was the hardest working band she knew…”. Retard-O-Bot was invited to join Tub Ring on tour then also toured for the first time with Screaming Mechanical Brain.


2005 saw the release of the nationally distributed, full length record “Friendship Forever” on September 20th. Songs chosen as singles include "I Don't Think You Really Mean It" and "Pass Go, Collect $200". Retard-O-Bot was invited to join the Mindless Self Indulgence tour and after, picked up on the Combichrist & Genitorturers tour. The band continued touring with Screaming Mechanical Brain before concluding their tour of the rest of the country solo. A drawing of Benny Normal can be found in the pictures section of Tub Ring's 2005 DVD release "Optics and Sonics" available on Underground Inc.


In 2006 Retard-O-Bot became the topic of several national news radio stories including on Fox News Radio 970 WFLA with Robert Pankau and a CBS News segment entitled "The Weekend Roundup". The band performed with such acts as Kill Hannah, and MSI and continue touring. Peter Pepper is credited in the 2006 Screaming Mechanical Brain CD There Is No God In Space with "Design, layout and photo manipulation by Peter Pepper for Mangled Media Inc." Dance Music guru DJ Moody (a.k.a. Andrew Rajala) and producer/remixer Vinnie Saletto (Ashes of Grisum, ex. Genitorturers) have both separately remixed the single "I Don't Think You Really Mean It".


The band toured with Foxy Shazam and Tub Ring. On Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - Retard-O-Bot was featured on The MC Lars Show: Episode 3. On April 9th, 2007 the highly sought after "Rabid EP" traded hands on eBay for $177.50 USD. Linkin Park spoke on Fuse TV on the topic of Retard-O-Bot. Chester Bennington stated "He was very happy for Retard-O-Bot". An EP was released on November 20, entitled "I Don't Think You Really Mean It: Rabid", which was a part remix, part reproduction EP, containing remixes of songs from "Friendship Forever" and re-recordings of songs from the "Rabid" EP. The band began work recording an LP, slated for release in 2008.


The band kicked off the year by touring the south. Benny Normal filled in on Bass for Mindless Self Indulgence in Orlando, FL May 9th, 2008. Retard-O-Bot performed with The Medic Droid. and appeared in AP Magazine They did a summer tour with Screaming Mechanical Brain and continued work on the follow-up to their Friendship Forever LP.

Previous Members:

  • Johnny Robot (guitar, vox): 1999-2003
  • Trevor Jr. (Travis Inskeep) (guitar): 2003-2004
  • Nik (guitar): 2005-2006
  • Edward Rendini (guitar): 2006-2007, 2008
  • Raf (guitar): 2007 & 2008
  • Jeff Enokian (guitar): 2007-2008

Past bands and sideprojects

  • TJ Brainz was in the metalcore band …Till I Die and the grindcore band Towtruck
  • Benny Normal was in the New Wave band Overstimulated
  • Peter Pepper is said to also be a member of The Partyoneer Brothers, signed to Mangled Media Inc.
  • Peter Pepper, TJ Brainz and Johnny Robot were all members of the gory spectacle Throat Cutter, famous in the Tampa Bay area for their excessive use of blood in their stage show. ,
  • Trevor Jr. (a.k.a. Travis Inskeep) performed with the band Crossbreed for a period playing keyboards.
  • Edward Rendini was a member of Cold.


Album Cover Date of Release Title Type Label
2000 8-Track Demo None
2001 Cassette Tape Demo None
2003 Scatter Brained EP Mangled Media, Inc.
2004 Rabid EP Mangled Media, Inc.
2005 Friendship Forever LP Mangled Media, Inc.
2007 I Don't Think You Really Mean It: Rabid EP Mangled Media, Inc.
2008 Times a Wasting LP Mangled Media, Inc.


  • 2003 "Ugly"
  • 2003 "Scatter Brained"
  • 2004 "Role Models"
  • 2005 "Pass Go, Collect $200"
  • 2005 "I Don't Think You Really Mean It"


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