Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico

The Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico (Spanish: El Comisionado Residente de Puerto Rico) is a non-voting member of the United States House of Representatives elected by the voters of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico every four years.

The Commissioner is allowed to serve on congressional committees, and functions in every respect as a Representative except being denied a vote on the final disposal of legislation (a "floor vote").

In most other U.S. territories, a similar representative position is styled Delegate.

List of Resident Commissioners

This is a complete list of Resident Commissioners of Puerto Rico:
Year(s) served Name Puerto Rican Party United States Party
1901–1905 Federico Degetau Republican
1905–1911 Tulio Larrinaga Unionist
1911–1916 Luis Muñoz-Rivera Unionist
1917–1932 Felix Córdova-Dávila Unionist
1932–1933 José Lorenzo Pesquera Nonpartisan
1933–1939 Santiago Iglesias-Pantín Coalitionist Republican
1939–1945 Bolívar Pagán Coalitionist Republican
1945–1946 Jesús T. Piñero PPD Democratic
1946–1965 Antonio Fernós-Isern PPD Democratic
1965–1969 Santiago Polanco-Abreú PPD Democratic
1969–1973 Jorge Luis Córdova-Díaz PNP Republican
1973–1977 Jaime Benítez PPD Democratic
1977–1985 Baltasar Corrada-Del Río PNP Democratic & Republican (in different periods)
1985–1992 Jaime Fuster PPD Democratic
1992–1993 Antonio Colorado PPD Democratic
1993–2001 Carlos Romero Barceló PNP Democratic
2001–2005 Aníbal Acevedo Vilá PPD Democratic
2005–present Luis Fortuño PNP Republican


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