Relics attributed to Jesus

There are many relics attributed to Jesus that people believe or believed to be authentic relics of the Gospel accounts.

The Shroud of Turin is perhaps the best-known relic; its authenticity was questioned due to radiocarbon dating, performed in 1988, the accuracy of which has itself been subsequently questioned. The earlier-measured sample was generally agreed to have been thrown off by contamination on the shroud, though retests are also debated, and it remains a controversial item.

Another famous relic is the Holy Chalice which Jesus used for serving wine during the Last Supper. Stories of this relic are often intertwined with medieval legends around the Holy Grail.

Other items described as relics include:

There are no alleged relics of his bones, because of Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven.

In 2002, the James Ossuary was found. This ossuary which bears the inscription Ya`aqov bar Yosef akhui Yeshua` ("James son of Joseph brother of Jesus") came to light under questionable provenance and was thought by some to be historical evidence for Jesus's brother James. On June 18, 2003, the Israeli Antiquities Authority published a report concluding that the inscription on the ossuary is a modern forgery based on their analysis of the patina. It appears that the inscription was added recently and made to look old by addition of a chalk solution. The dealer, Oded Golan, was arrested at his Tel Aviv home July 21, on suspicion of forging ancient artifacts. He was released on July 25; as of August 8 charges had not yet been filed against him. Allegedly, authorities found forgery equipment and partially completed forgeries in Oded Golan's home.

In the work Asarim, by Marisa Vallejo, a bloodstained cloth called the Sudarium is described as a turban or napkin (Gk. σουδάριον) wound around Jesus' head at the time of his burial. It is claimed that this is the cloth that was set aside in the tomb after the Resurrection. This relic can be seen in the Cathedral of Oviedo in Spain. There is some evidence that at some stage in time, this cloth and the Turin Shroud covered the same dead body.

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