Regions of Chad

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The country of Chad is currently divided into 18 regions. From independence in 1960 until 1999 it was divided into 14 prefectures. These were replaced in 1999 by 28 departments. The country was reorganized again in 2002 to produce the current 18 regions.

Each region is divided into between 2 and 4 departments, apart from the city of N'Djamena, which is divided into 10 arrondissements.

Current Regions

Region Capital Departements
1 Batha Ati Batha Est, Batha Ouest, Fitri
2 Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Faya-Largeau Borkou, Ennedi Est, Ennedi Ouest, Tibesti
3 Chari-Baguirmi Massenya Baguirmi, Chari, Loug Chari
4 Guéra Mongo Barh Signaka, Guéra
5 Hadjer-Lamis Massakory Dababa, Dagana, Haraze Al Biar
6 Kanem Mao Barh El Gazel, Kanem
7 Lac Bol Mamdi, Wayi
8 Logone Occidental Moundou Dodjé, Lac Wey, Ngourkosso
9 Logone Oriental Doba La Nya Pendé, La Pendé, Monts de Lam, Lanya (1)
10 Mandoul Koumra Barh Sara, Mandoul Occidental, Mandoul Oriental
11 Mayo-Kebbi Est Bongor Mayo-Boneye, Kabbia, Mont d'Illi (1), Mayo Lemie (1)
12 Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Pala Lac Léré, Mayo-Dallah
13 Moyen-Chari Sarh Barh Köh, Grande Sido, Lac Iro
14 Ouaddaï Abéché Assoungha, Djourf Al Ahmar, Ouara, Sila
15 Salamat Am Timan Aboudeïa, Barh Azoum, Haraze Mangueigne
16 Tandjilé Laï Tandjilé Est, Tandjilé Ouest
17 Wadi Fira Biltine Biltine, Dar Tama, Kobé
18 N'Djamena N'Djamena 10 arrondissements
(1) created in 2004


  • Decree n° 419/PR/MAT/02 of October 17 2002 concerning the creation of the Regions

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