Redneck Zombies

Redneck Zombies is a 1986 low budget independent horror comedy trash film directed by Pericles Lewnes and released by Troma Entertainment. The movie is notable for being one of the first films shot entirely on videotape and then released to the homevideo market.

The film is set in rural Maryland, where a 50 gallon drum of radioactive waste, misplaced by the military, is discovered by a group of rednecks who decide to use it as part of their new moonshine still. The resulting toxic mixture turns the simple townsfolk into ravenous zombies, who attack a passing group of nearby campers.

The title of the film was once used as an answer to a question in an 1980s edition of Trivial Pursuit, the question being "What film has the tagline "They're Tobacco Chewin', Gut Chompin', Cannibal Kinfolk from Hell!".

The "Ain't Got No Shoes" song sung by Billy Bob (Elly May) Clemson can only be seen in the VHS version.

Director Pericles Lewnes went on to work as a special effects supervisor on several other Troma productions, including The Toxic Avenger Part II, The Toxic Avenger Part III, and Troma's War, as well as Shatter Dead.


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