Red Bar Radio

Red Bar Radio is an American Internet radio show hosted by Mike David.

The format is that of a call-in talk show, with topics ranging from pop culture to current events. The topics of interest are talked about and branched off of with a very strong sarcastic tone of humor. The host, Mike D, along with special co-host comedians, broadcast the show from Chicago, Illinois. It was the first Internet talk show to be put on syndicated radio.

The shows' tagline is "We Make Fun of Everybody."


On May 29th 2008, Mike announced that Red Bar Radio would be "on hold" for a month, and return to say "a decision, or an official goodbye. Prior to this announcement the show had been canceled many times. Mike explained that the show cost a lot of effort that he wasn't willing to put up with anymore, and lost interest in the show. Elaborating, he explained he started the show when he was 19 and thought there was money in the industry, but realized after a few years that were was no point for the show to continue. Listeners inferred that since Mike was getting married, and has a stable job now that he no longer needs the show to keep him occupied. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether or not the show will go on, or officially end after a five year run.

The day of announcement generated 256 members to be online on the forums at once, breaking the previous record of 50.

On July 2nd 2008 the show returned for a Wednesday night show, announcing that it would not go off the air, but switch to a once a week schedule. Mike D claims that it's "the same exact show with new promos" (New audio recorded promotional content played in between breaks). Mike has also brought back the idea of quitting his job, and working on Red Bar Radio full time, if enough members support the show by signing up for a premium account, allowing them to view secret content. The following week the show changed it's airing time from 9pm-11pm CST to 7pm-9pm CST.

Live Stream

As well as being a podcast, the show also runs on a live stream, paid for by its "sister show" Free Talk Live.

The live internet feed broadcasts every Wednesday 7 to 9pm CST. Additionally, the show is also shown on the video cast website Stickam. The Red Bar Radio web cam can be viewed here at Red Bar Radio TV The live video stream is also available on the Red Bar Radio home page.


The show's only current and stable co-host is Chicago stand-up comedian Dean Carlson. He's an alleged man of many talents. Dean Carlson's resume includes: former amateur mixed martial artist, aggressive cuddler, former employee of Sears, and bar waiter. However there are other comics who have become regulars on the show:

  • Steve O. Harvey - Called "The New David Angelo" by Mike D
  • Brendan McGowan - A veteran of Red Bar Radio, having been apart of the show for over a year. He enjoys talking about steaks, and watching football, specifically the Chicago Bears.

The show has cycled through many co-hosts in the past, including;

  • Kelly "Morpheus" Williams, his wife made him leave the show for racism after Nice Peter improvised the song 'I Make Soup Out Of Black People'.
  • Ron, left the show, never wanted to be a "radio personality" and pursued other interests.
  • Brad, left for more than three weeks and was kicked off.
  • Panama Black, fired for being late too often.
  • Dani, swore on the "real" radio when syndicated on GCN and was fired.
  • Kyle Ramos, fired for not adding to the show, being too "obnoxious" and causing more drama than needed.
  • Bryan Biggs, left the show after feeling bad for his friend Kyle.
  • James Fritz , quit the show after Mike D made fun of Renee Gauthier's appearance in a show Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. Fritz has returned as a regular guest after his six-month hiatus from the show.
  • Mike "Brido" Bridenstine , moved to LA, but is still welcomed to join the show whenever possible.
  • David Angelo , left to pursue his comedy career in New York. David Angelo is the only person to have left the show on good terms with Mike D, and is welcome to co-host the show whenever he visits Chicago.

Red Bar Radio also had Chicago Comedians as co-hosts, but many failed to make the final grade and the top 4 as they saw themselves as above the show. Host Mike D claimed that "the other comedians felt themselves too important, and I can't have that attitude on the show". Despite the split there seemed to be no animosity between the two parties, and some make rare appearances in more of a guest than host role. The following comedians were used in the original host rotation system, after Biggs and Kyle left;

  • T. J. Miller
  • Jeff Hansen
  • Prescott Tolk
  • Steve O. Harvey
  • Darren Bodecker
  • Tony Sam
  • Ken Barnard
  • Renee Gauthier
  • Lauren Bishop
  • Kumail Nanjiani
  • Dave Odd
  • Hannibal
  • Ricky Carmona
  • Robert Buscemi
  • Bradley Fojas
  • Brian Berris host of Wreckless media radio

Since the rotation, there have been guests, some have been on the show before

  • Hannibal
  • Renee Gauthier
  • Tony Blanco
  • Jeff Hansen
  • TJ Miller
  • Brady Novak
  • Nice Peter

Their also have been listeners who have sat in on the show, including:

  • Absalon
  • Mark Reynolds from the UK

as well as a core group of fans who regularly call into the show including

  • Max from Honduras - a 16 year old boy from Honduras. Max's calls normally consist of Mike D making fun of him or yelling at him for random things. Mike has grown to like Max and enjoys his recent calls. While drunk during a live show on Detroit, Mike D named Max his godson. Max deleted his forum account after listener Duzi, and another fan were banned from the forums. And had expressed beforehand that he "doesn't even listen anymore" because of the frequently canceled shows.
  • Brendon - a long time fan of the show revealed that his father left him when he was a kid. Because of this fact he has been renamed "Dadless." Although the show's host normally bash Brendon's situation he takes it humorously as opposed to being offended.
  • Dean from Australia - (also known as DFA) A 33 year old Registered Nurse in Australia who often calls in with medical advice for Mike D and tries to make things seem more severe then they actually are. For instance, throughout 2007 when Mike had headaches Dean suggested that he had sleep apnoea and could possibly die. Mike's professional doctor, on the other hand, said he just needed glasses. In February 2008 Dean became the first fan to get a red bar radio tattoo on his forearm and in June 2008 Dean became an RBR "staffer" receiving an Red Bar Radio email account for contributing the show. Whenever Mike needs "busy work" done Dean from Australia is called upon to do research and compile information for the show.
  • Duzi - a sixteen year old listener who first gained notoriety during a forum debate on the movie Cloverfield, complaining that the monster in the movie should have been called "Chimera." Mike D thought this was a ridiculous suggestion, and makes fun of it occasionally on the show. During the month of March 2008 Duzi started a "Red Bar Radio Fancast" featuring other fans of the show. Mike D explained that he was fine with the show itself, but didn't want it to be called a "fancast," (suggesting it be renamed "smarmcast" since the "fancast" was more so about the hosts being smart asses, rather than talk about the Red Bar Radio show) or related to Red Bar in any official manner. Even though Mike D tried to be supportive towards the idea of Duzi doing his own show, the fancast wasn't continued. Duzi's account was deleted after discussing the frequency of canceled shows. Mike explained that he was "causing trouble" and "didn't want more stress from the forums."

'Mike's Brother Dan David' (MBDD) has his own segment on the Red Bar Radio Show that deals with how extreme he is. He has his own intro music and can only be on the show after it has been played. He also has his own joke bomb sound clip that is played when he says something that is not funny. The name Mike'sBrotherDanDavid was coined by Max from Honduras on one of his RBR Facebook group radio promos. The name derived from the clarification of "He is MY brother, I am not HIS brother" explained Mike D.

Celebrity Interviews and Guests

In addition to Comedian Co-Hosts and guests, Red Bar radio has had a number of celebrity guest's and interviews on the show. They include such people as Doug Stanhope to Wendi McLendon-Covey. Mike has since moved on from this format of the show and has phased it out of the show after he was taken off the syndicated radio.

  • "Hottie" Schatar Sapphira Taylor - contestant on "Flavor of Love"
  • Allen Salkin - Author of "Festivus"
  • Amanda Congdon - Rocketboom
  • Bubba Sparxxx - Rapper
  • Chris Gore - My Big Fat Independent Movie
  • Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry - My Fair Brady
  • David Lawrence - Syndicated Radio Host
  • Doug Stanhope - Comedian
  • Evil Jared from The BloodHound Gang
  • Gene Amondson - Candidate for the "Prohibition Party"
  • Gene Ray - Crazy Man - Time Cube Theory
  • Gervase Peterson - From "Survivor: Season One"
  • Hal Sparks - Actor (Queer As Folk)
  • Henry Rollins
  • Jennifer Elise Cox - Actress/Comedian
  • John Leland - Author
  • Jonathon Sharkey - Vampire
  • Kamal - Scientologist rapper
  • Kyle MacDonald - "trading up"
  • Lloyd Kaufman - (What about) Brainz (?) behind Troma Entertainment.
  • Lord Jamar - From Brand Nubian. Appeared on "Sopranos"
  • Lorraine Bracco - Actress - The Sopranos
  • Lucky Diamond Rich - Most tattoed man
  • Lynn Shawcroft - Comedian / Mitch Hedberg's Wife
  • MC Lars - Hip Hop Funny Songs
  • Michael Bower - Donkey Lips on Salute Your Shorts
  • Peter H. Gilmore - High Priest of the Church of Satan
  • Regina Lynn - Sex & Technology columnist for
  • Robert Greene - Author - "Art Of War"
  • Sudden Death - Crappy Metal Band
  • The Changes - A Rock Band
  • The Tossers - Punk Band
  • Valery Ortiz - Actress - DATE MOVIE
  • Milo Turk- Singer Songwriter
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey - Reno 911
  • Patrick Melton - Host of Nobody Likes Onions
  • Allie - Creepy Myspace Girl
  • Amy Sakasitz - Child Star - Was in "Denice The Menace"
  • Angry Bob - Comedian
  • Ben Schwartz - Comedy writer for SNL and David Letterman.
  • Bob Read - Judge for "Last Comic Standing"
  • Bryan Flood - Comedy Band called "White Trashistan"
  • Candie Marie & Nikki Zeno - Lingerie Bowl
  • Chanda Wright - National Ghost Hunters Society
  • Chaunce Hayden - Regular on Howard Stern
  • Colin Ross - Author
  • Daron "South Boy" Fordham - Director / Rapper
  • David Elms - "The Erotic Review"
  • David Kupelian - Author
  • David McGraw - Vital Podcasts
  • DivineDove - Sacred Connections
  • Dr. Dave Oester - Ghost Hunter
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster Guys
  • Geaorge Sarris - NYC Comedy Producer
  • J.J. Barmettler - UFO/Alien Expert
  • James Capers - Celebrity psychic
  • Jason Cage - Radio Personality (Alice 107.7)
  • J-Dia - Hop Hop Artist
  • Jeff from Podcast Shuffle
  • Joe - Owner of
  • John Aguirre - Shot "The Utopian Society" film
  • Joseph & Jennifer Safuto - American Inventor
  • Josh Bennett - Owner of "Knit New York" - Knitting
  • Karyn Easton - Zombie Expert
  • Katherine DeBrecht - Help Mom, There's Liberals Under My Bed
  • Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau - Director of "Side Effects"
  • Kevin Crossman - The Frat Pack Podcast
  • Lisa Shiel - Bigfoot expert
  • Manuel Viramontes - American Idol reject named after a saint
  • Marc Rudov - Author - "The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women"
  • Marissa Fischer - Canada's Sex Party
  • Matti Leshem - USA Rock Paper Scissors League
  • Michael Calace - Director of the film "Rape of the Soul
  • Michael K - Creator of
  • Michael Payne - freelance reporter
  • Mike Potter - Winner of CellFlix festival contest
  • Pete Vonder Haar - Film Critic
  • Randy Kagan - Comedian
  • Ricardo Diaz - "Day Without An Immigrant"
  • Rich Maloof - Fears and Phobias Expert
  • Rick Morris - Producer/Director/Writer - Heroin Town
  • Ron Stallworth - Black sergeant who infiltrated the KKK
  • Roseanna Pulido - Illinois Minuteman Project
  • Scott - Bad Psychic
  • Sheila Cameron - Creator of
  • Start From Scratch - A Rock Band
  • Steve Pasternack - Sugar Daddy Dot Com
  • Tammy Trenta - The Apprentice
  • The Unemployed - Band in Studio
  • Thomas Jackson - Atheist Agenda
  • TJ Miller - Actor - Carpoolers and Cloverfield/11808
  • Tom Pacque - Weird Shit on Ebay
  • Tricia Erickson - Ex-mormon
  • Zulema Griffin - Project Runway

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