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Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, portrayed by actress Jane Hall since July 2007.


Rebecca is the daughter of Alan Napier (Barry Friedlander), and shortly after her arrival in Erinsborough, was revealed to be the biological mother of Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin). Rebecca and Oliver met in mid-July, 2007, but after a short conversation an emotional Rebecca walked out, making it clear she did not want to see Oliver again. She later changed her mind and told Oliver that she wanted to get to know him. The pair's meetings became more frequent, and Oliver soon came to regard Rebecca as a mother figure.


Having established a relationship with Oliver, Rebecca was horrified to learn he was dating Elle Robinson, believing Elle's father Paul (Stefan Dennis), with whom she had spent a romantic weekend several years earlier, to be Oliver's father. A DNA test later proved that Paul and Oliver were not, in fact, related, whereupon Rebecca realised that Oliver's father was her violent ex-partner Richard Aaronow (Blair Venn), whom she had spent several years trying to evade. It has been heavily implied, but not revealed specifically, that Rebecca's younger son, Declan (James Sorensen) was the result of Richard raping Rebecca.

Rebecca began a romantic relationship with Paul and, along with Declan, moved in with him and Elle at number 22.

Paul's Affair

After Rebecca decided to pursue a career in law and undertook a university course, Paul began to feel neglected, and embarked on an affair with Kirsten Gannon (Nikola Dubois). Elle found out about her father's infidelity and intended to tell Rebecca, but couldn't bring herself to reveal the truth after realising how happy Rebecca was with Paul.

A guilt-ridden Paul asked Rebecca to marry him, and she accepted. Soon after, Paul intercepted a letter intended for Rebecca, which containted pictures of him with Kirsten. He later received several blackmail letters, claiming that Rebecca would find out the truth if Paul refused to comply with a set of demands.

When Paul's ex, Lyn Scully, returned to Erinsborough, it soon became clear that she was the blackmailer, having found out about the affair from a disgruntled Lassiter's employee. Lyn told her friend Susan Kinski about the situation, as well as revealing that Paul had threatened to report her to the police if she informed Rebecca of the affair. Susan was incensed, and told Rebecca the truth immediately.

Rebecca confronted Paul and ended their relationship, moving out of No 22 to stay with Carmella, the mother of her grand-daughter Chloe, and Marco at No 24.


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