Rebeca Rios

Rebeca Rios (born c. 1977), is a native of Arizona who is running to become a senator on the November 2, 2004 elections, for Arizona's district 23. Rios, who is a Democrat, has no declared rival in these elections; therefore, it is almost a given that she will become senator.

Rios was born into a family of Hispanic politicians: Her father is senator Pete Rios.

Rios became interested in politics at a very young age, and she became a legislator in 1998, dedicating her time at the Arizona State's Legislature House of Representatives to multiple causes.

Among the topics that worried her were education and health care. She was an influential sponsor of classroom construction funding, as well as of the state's "proposition 301", which consists of an education tax and continuous medical plan coverage for working class families. By sponsoring proposition 301, she also helped senior citizens to have prescription drugs covered,

When Rios began working for the Arizona Legislature in 1998, she and her father made history, by becoming the first combination of father and daughter to work at Arizona's Legistators' House of Representavies at the same time.

Ms. Rios is a resident of Apache Junction.

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