Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island is the sixteenth season of the reality television competition series, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which airs on the American cable tv network MTV. It premiered on September 10, 2008 at 10pm ET/PT. Like previous seasons of the Challenge, it will feature cast members from various past seasons of The Real World and Road Rules, of which the Challenge is a spinoff. This season will feature the group being "stranded" on an island off the coast of Panama, where the cast will compete for a buried treasure chest filled with $300,000 USD in gold. Unlike in previous Challenges, the cast will not be housed in a luxurious dwelling, but will be "forced" to improvise and "work" for the basic necessities of food and shelter, as on the TV series Survivor. Unlike previous Challenges, there are no predetermined teams. Instead, the cast members will have to forge their own alliances. Of the twenty cast members, there will be only four winners.


Host: TJ Lavin

The following is a list of cast members on The Island:

Player Original Season Sex # of Challenges Finish Placing Keys
Colie Edison RW: Denver Female 2nd Challenge 0
Cohutta Grindstaff RW: Sydney Male 1st Challenge 0
Dan Walsh RR: Viewers' Revenge Male 1st Challenge
Derrick Kosinski RR: Extreme Male 7th Challenge 1
Dunbar Flinn RW: Sydney Male 1st Challenge 1
Evelyn Smith Fresh Meat Female 4th Challenge 1
Jennifer Grijalva RW: Denver Female 2nd Challenge 1
Johanna Botta RW: Austin Female 3rd Challenge 0
Johnny Devenanzio RW: Key West Male 4th Challenge 0
KellyAnne Judd RW: Sydney Female 1st Challenge 1
Kenny Santucci Fresh Meat Male 5th Challenge 1
Paula Meronek RW: Key West Female 4th Challenge 1
Robin Hibbard RW: San Diego Female 6th Challenge 1
Ryan Kehoe Fresh Meat Male 3rd Challenge 0
Tyrie Ballard RW: Denver Male 3rd Challenge
5th Voted Out
15th Place 0
Ashli Robson RW: Sydney Female 1st Challenge
4th Voted Out
16th Place 0
Rachel Robinson RR: Campus Crawl Female 5th Challenge
3rd Voted Out
17th Place 0
Abram Boise RR: South Pacific Male 6th ''Challenge
2nd Voted Out
18th Place 0 (1)
Dave Malinosky RW: Hollywood Male 1st Challenge
1st Quit
19th Place 0
Tonya Cooley RW: Chicago Female 7th Challenge
1st Voted Out
20th Place 0

  • A number inside parenthesis indicates the number of keys the eliminated player had before distributing them among the remaining contestants.

Voting History

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
Cohutta Tonya Abram Robin Ashli Tyrie
Colie Tonya Abram Robin - Dan
Dan Tonya Abram Rachel Ashli SAFE
Derrick Kenny WIN Rachel Ashli Tyrie
Dunbar Tonya Abram Rachel - Tyrie
Ev Tonya Johnny Robin Ashli WIN
Jenn Kenny Johnny Robin SAFE Dan
Johanna Tonya Abram Rachel - Tyrie
Johnny Tonya SAFE Rachel Ashli Tyrie
KellyAnne Tonya Johnny WIN Ashli Tyrie
Kenny SAFE Abram Rachel - Tyrie
Paula Tonya Abram Rachel WIN Tyrie
Robin Tonya Johnny SAFE - Tyrie
Ryan Kenny Abram Rachel - Tyrie
Tyrie Tonya Abram Robin Ashli OUT
Ashli Tonya Johnny Robin OUT
Rachel Tonya Johnny OUT
Dave Tonya QUIT
Tonya OUT
VOTE 14 - 3 9 - 6 8 - 6 7 - 0 10 - 2

The contestant won the competition.
The contestant won the face-off and a key.
The contestant lost the face-off, but was saved in the vote and won a key.
The contestant was given a key by eliminated player.
The contestant lost the face-off, but was saved in the vote.
The contestant's key was taken from him/her by the winner of another challenge.
The contestant lost the face-off and was voted out.
The contestant quit the competition.

  • Any space with a dash indicates that the contestant did not get the opportunity to vote.

Memorable Moments

  • KellyAnne, who was perceived to be a "weak rookie" in the game, proved everyone wrong after beating out both veterans Rachel and Robin during the first girls-only face-off.
  • Abram pleaded his case to vote him out due to his company having trouble at home. However, many still voted for Johnny because he insulted a lot of the girls on The Island, and wanted Abram there in the end. He had won his key in the first Face-Off but gave it up when he was voted out. He felt that Dunbar can carry a team to The Island, thus giving him the key.
  • Dave could not handle "The Island" and quit on his own terms.
  • It is possible to get more than one key in the game. Abram attempted to get another key because it "sounded fun".
  • Dan has been shown to have a drinking problem, which leads to Dave calling him a weak player. Dan flips out and almost attacks Dave.
  • Abram goes up to get fruit up in a tree, when all of a sudden a swarm of wasps start attacking him as he runs all over the place to get rid of them. He was stung just about all over his body.
  • Rachel and Jenn begin to fall for each other and are seen making out with each other multiple different times. Jenn describes her as a friend 'til the end (as well as a lover).
  • This marks the first challenge in 3 years that Rachel competed in.
  • Ashli stepped on some glass and had to get stitches and then she purposely volunteered herself to be in the face off so she could go out with her pride, but TJ was visibly upset about her throwing herself in there because she knew that she wasn't likely going to win, as well as her speech, which was also percieved as quitting.


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