Rasalhague Dominion

The Rasalhague Dominion is one of the fictional states in the BattleTech universe, largely consisting of former worlds of the Free Rasalhague Republic conquered by Clan Ghost Bear.

Nation Details

Originally founded as the Ghost Bear Dominion in 3060 it later changed its name to the Rasalhague Dominion with the official union with its "equal but separate" symbiotic/protectorate state, the Free Rasalhague Republic, in the year 3103. It is located between the Wolf and Hell's Horses Clan Occupation Zones and the Draconis Combine, comprising 71 inhabited systems and an estimated 280 billion population . The executive capital, home of the Elected Prince, is located in a city called Asgard on the planet of Rasalhague, while the parliamentary capital, home of the Dominion Council, as well as the capital of the Dominion's Clan population, is located in the city of Silverdale on the planet Alshain. The national symbol is a white roaring bear head, set against a dark blue triangle. The government is a Republic, with Clan warrior-caste styling, under the Dominion Council and ruled by Prince Hjalmer Miraborg and Khan Dalia Bekker.


The official languages in the Rasalhague Dominion are English and Swedish, with Swedenese, Japanese and German influences. The different influential religions are Lutheran Christian, Shinto, Atheism, and Neo-Norse. The Dominion currently uses the Bear-krona as its unit of currency (1 Bear-krona is 2.83 C-bills). Ironically, the Ghost Bears have become a victim of their own success. Having fully brought their entire clan from the Kerensky Cluster and succeeding in integrating their people into the Inner Sphere, the Ghost Bears have become a key economic power within the Inner Sphere. Unfortunately, this "success" is seen as a failure by the more "traditional" elements within the clan who feel that the Ghost Bears have lost their way...they have not succeeded in retaking Terra, they have not re-established the Star League so they have failed. The Ghost Bears have reached a cross-roads in regards towards their destiny. The Traditionalists want to go back to what they see as the vision set down by Nicholas Kerensky, and yet an equal number of Ghost Bears believe they have achieved Kerensky's dream of returning to the Inner Sphere and do not want to destroy what they have built by returning to "the old ways". Only time will tell how this situation will play out as these dual philosophical differences continue to clash with each other.

Dominion Council

The Dominion Council is the governing body of the Rasalhague Dominion. By law it is equally divided into three distinct peer groups, each making up exactly 1/3rds of the Dominion Council:

  • "Trueborn" members of the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
    • Exclusively made up of warriors that were a product of Clan Ghost Bear's breeding program.
    • Trueborns from other Clans' breeding programs could also conceivably become part of this group if they are adopted into the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
  • "Freeborn" members of the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
    • Mostly made up of native Rasalhagians adopted into the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste, but can also be made up of ethnic Ghost Bears that were not begotten of the Clan breeding program that defines someone as being "trueborn".
    • Freeborn warriors can sometimes be incorporated into the breeding program if the warrior was truly exceptional enough, meaning that any future descendants of the warrior may be classified as "trueborn" if they came out of the breeding program. Regardless of their ancestry, anyone who comes out of the Ghost Bear breeding prgram would still be classified as a "Trueborn Warrior of Clan Ghost Bear", even if they were descended from an ethnic Rasalhagian Freeborn who somehow made it into the Ghost Bear breeding program.
  • "Civilian" members that are by definition not of the Warrior Caste.
    • Made up by someone of either ethnic Ghost Bear (freeborn or trueborn, possibly a retired warrior but most likely a respected scientist or merchant from the Ghost Bears' Scientist or Merchant Castes) or of native Rasalhagian descent (most likely leaders of industry, labor unions, businesses, academia and local government).

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