Ramesses B

Ramesses was an Ancient Egyptian prince, the eldest son of Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Isetnofret. He had a sister Bint-Anath who was elevated to the position of great royal wife later in the reign of Ramesses II. He is listed on several monuments with his younger brothers Khaemwaset and Merenptah. He is listed as number two in the list of procession of Ramesses' sons. He served as the heir to the Egyptian throne from around Year 25 to Year 50 of his father's reign.

He is attested in numerous inscriptions including the Egyptian 'triumph' scenes after the Battle of Kadesh.

Prince Ramesses is also attested in Saqqara. He must have participated in some of the ceremonies for the Apis bulls, when his brother Khaemwaset was first sem-priest of Ptah and later High Priest of Ptah in Memphis. The King's Son and Generalissimo Ramesses donated a votive statue for one of the Apis burials sometime between years 16 and 30 of his father's reign. Prince Ramesses is depicted in the Speos of West Silsila on a royal family stela dating to ca. year 30, and on a family stela from Aswan. On these stela he is accompanied by his parents and his brothers and sister. Ramesses and Khaemwaset together appear on a statue group with their mother Queen Isetnofret which is now in the Louvre (Louvre 2272).

After his death around Year 50 of Ramesses II, he was buried in Tomb KV5 in the Valley of the Kings. His brother Khaemwaset succeeded him to become Egypt's new crown-prince in his place.


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