Rajarshi or Rajarishi (from Sanskrit rajan "king" + rishi) is in Hinduism and Hindu mythology, a royal saint and rishi.


A Rajarshi is a king who turned into a royal sage, or rishi. A rajarshi may have left the kingship and became rishi for example Vishwamitra (who later advanced to becoming a Brahmarishi) or may still be ruling the kingdom but has reached a state of rishi and have attained self realization.

They still belong to the kshatriya caste, and remain below most rishis, maharishis and brahmarishis in their level of spiritual knowledge, but are superior to most kings.


Janaka, the king of and Mithila father of Sita, and Dasaratha, king of Ayodhya and father of Rama,The Great Arshtishen were both Rajarishis, spiritually self-realized and advanced in their knowledge of religion.

Modern Usage

"Rajarshi" is the name of the novel by Rabindranath Tagore, based on the life of a king of the state of Tripura, named Govindamanikya. Purushottam Das Tandon, freedom fighter from India was addressed reverentially as "Rajarshi." Chatrapati Shahu, ruler of princely state of Kolhapur, well known for his social reforms in modern India is remembered as Rajarshi.

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