Przeworsk [] (פּרשעוואָרסק-Pshevorsk) is a town in south-eastern Poland with 15,713 inhabitants (2004). Since 1999 it has been in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, and is the capital of Przeworsk County.

The ancient Przeworsk culture was named after the town.

Przeworsk was a settlement since the 10th century, though evidence of human settlement in the general area is even older. It is first mentioned in historical records from the 13th century century, and was granted its town charter in 1394. From 1772 the town was part of the Habsburg Monarchy where it remained until 1918 when an independent Poland was created. Przeworsk is located on the European route E40, it also is an important railway junction, with trains going into three directions - east (towards Przemyśl), west (towards Rzeszów) and north (towards Stalowa Wola).

The Pshevorsk Hasidic dynasty, which originated in Przeworsk, is now mainly located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Tourist attractions:

  • Basilica, built in the 15th century with a unique chapel - Tomb of Jesus Christ (the same as in Jerusalem)
  • Church of the Bernardine Order
  • Palace and park of Lubomirski family
  • The only truly "vivid" open air museum in Poland, with wooden houses from Przeworsk and the surrounding region.
  • The Wąskotorówka Train (narrow gauge railway) going from Przeworsk to Dynów.

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