Pressure (Paramore song)

"Pressure" is the debut single from Paramore's debut album, All We Know Is Falling, and was released in 2005.

Chart performance

The single failed to chart in the United States or the UK. But, they recently released it in the Philippines. It is now charting on NU 107.

Music video

The music video is about the pressure of being a teenager. The video deals with two characters a boy and a girl (who are a couple, as well) interlaced with the band playing the song. Both of them dislike their jobs. The boy works at a fast food restaurant where he receives poor treatment. The girl is a model who is refused things that she enjoys (picking her own less-revealing dress, eating chocolate, etc.) Eventually the boy quits his job and goes to meet his girlfriend, but she is busy preparing for a photoshoot. The boy decides to set off the sprinklers in the building. Everyone in the building rushes out, except for the girl who stays in her chair enjoying the water. The boy and girl manage to get out and the video ends.

Sims Appearance

The song also appeared in the popular EA Games hit Sims 2 as a track on the Jukebox that can be bought in free mode. The song features the simlish language instead of the usual. Hayley wrote the lyrics in Simlish and rerecorded the song with the new lyrics. In the song she says Josh, Jeremy, and Zac.

Track listing

  1. "Pressure" (Demo Version) - 3:06

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