Pollachi (பொள்ளாச்சி) is a town and a municipality in the Coimbatore district of the Tamil Nadu state of INDIA. It is located 40 km south of Coimbatore. It is an important commercial area in the region and has a big market for agricultural products. Coconuts and tender-coconuts are exported from here to all over India. Pollachi is the nearest town to the Indira Gandhi National Park.

Due to its proximity to the Western Ghats, Pollachi has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Pollachi is also famed for its market (சந்தை), especially for Jaggery and cattle (மாட்டுச்சந்தை). The Jaggery Market in Pollachi is the Asia's biggest Jaggery Market.

Pollachi is a popular movie filming location for the Tamil film industry.


Pollachi is located at . It has an average elevation of 293 metres (961 feet).

Origin of Name

Pollachi was known as "Polil VAichi"(பொழில் வாய்ச்சி) in ancient times which means "The land of natural wealth and prosperity"(You can find this name in the Lord Subramanyar temple in Pollachi).The name Polil VAichi had changed into pollachi by time.The historic town of Pollachi was once known as Mudi Konda Chola Nallur during the period of Kulottunga Chola III. The Subramanyar temple here is an ancient one, with a history that goes back for about 8 centuries. It is believed that the Subramanyar temple here was once a Shiva temple, enshrining Agastheeswaram Udaiyaar, with the festival deity being Subramanyar. Much of the construction in the temple now belongs to the 20th century. There is another story with the Origin of name, Pollachi was known as "Porull Aatchi" which means "The land of wealthy Government". Its said that everything is sold/bought in the market(including elephants) except ones parents, in the olden days.


Pollachi North Block Map
Pollachi South Block Map


Pollachi assembly constituency is part of Pollachi (Lok Sabha constituency). Pollachi, Valparai, Dharampuram, Kinathukadavu, Pongalur and Udumalpet form the Pollachi parliamentary constituency, for which the MP is C. Krishnan.

Based on new alignment, Pollachi, Udumalpet, Kinathukadavu, Madathukulam(NEW), Valparai and Thondamuthur will form New Pollachi Parliament constituency and Dharapuram will be handed over to New ERODE Parliament constituency and POLLACHI loses its Reserved Parliament Constituency status as per new alignment.

Members of Legislature Assembly (MLA)



  • Population 95,303
  • Area (km²) 13
  • No.of Schools 56 Higher Secondary Schools
  • No.of Maternity Hospitals 10
  • No.of Other Hospitals/Dispensaries 2+others15


  • No.of Other Hotels/Lodges 25
  • No.of Marriage Halls 22
  • No.of Thetres 13


Nearest International Airport

Coimbatore airport is the nearest international airport to Pollachi. International flights to Singapore, Sharjah and Colombo are available by Silk Air (Singapore Airlines), Air Arabia and Srilankan Airlines. Domestic airlines fly to Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities.

Bus Stand

Pollachi has a central bus stand which is used by TNSTC, and the private operators.This is situated in the leg of the town. A new foundation stone was laid by local administration minister M.K.Stalin in November 2007 to construct an additional bus stand for want of space, just opposite to the existing bus stand.

Railway Station

Currently only metre gauge trains are operated in this section, the major routes being Coimbatore - Pollachi - Dindigul and Palghat - Pollachi - Dindigul.Plans for broad gauge conversion of this segment have been approved by the government and are expected to be carried out shortly. Pollachi and neighbouring Kinathukadavu have recently been joined to the Palakkad railway division amid strong oppoositions and protests from some political parties. BroadGauge Conversion


Pollachi is well connected with all GSM & CDMA mobile phone operators. The major players Aircell, Airtel, BSNL, and Hutch in GSM segment and Reliance, Tata Indicom in CDMA segment cover Pollachi.

Places of attraction

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Anamalai wildlife sanctuary is about 90 km from Coimbatore and is situated at an altitude of 1,400 meters in the Western Ghats near Pollachi. The area of the sanctuary is 958 km². An ecological paradise, this sanctuary encompasses a National Park. It has recently been renamed as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.



Chinnakalar is a geographically important place as it is the region that receives the second highest rain fall in India. There is a falls in Chinnakallar which sounds like a roaring lion.

Parambikulam National Park

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a reservoir of tranquil greenery ensconced in a valley between the Aanamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. The areas hilly and rocky, drained by several rivers, including the Parambikulam, the Sholayar and the Thekkedy.

Thickly forested with stands of bamboo, sandalwood, rosewood and teak, the sanctuary has some marshy land and scattered patches of grassland. Parambikulam was once home to some of south India's finest stands of teak. Little remains of the original teak forests, other than the famous Kannimari teak tree, the largest in Asia as most of these have now been replaced by teak plantations. The tree is about 5 km from Thunakadavu, and is one of Parambikulam's prime attractions .The one of the oldest and largest teak trees in the world is another attraction in the sanctuary.It has a girth of 6.52 metres, height of 48.25 metres when the measurement was taken in 2003.(But it's claimed that the biggest teak in the world is in Uttaradit province of Thailand too, with a girth of 10 metres and height of 47 metres).


Valparai is one of the famous Tourist Spots in Tamil Nadu. It is located above the from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range. It stands majestically with forest all around. Sholayar Dam in Valparai is a wonderful scenery to watch. Other Places to visit in Valparai are Pancha Mugha Vinayakar Koil, Balaji Temple, the spread across tea Estates etc.

Parambikulam - Aliyar Multipurpose Project

InterLinking of Rivers

This project consists of a series of dams interconnected by tunnels and canals at various elevations in order to harness the Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunkadavu, Thenkkadi and Palar rivers, laid for irrigation and power generation. The scheme is an outstanding example of engineering skill. It is located in Anamalai range.

The Parambikulam-Aliyar Project is a complex multi-basin multipurpose project. Seven streams-five flowing westward and two towards the east- have been dammed and their reservoirs interlinked by tunnels. The water is ultimately delivered to the drought-prone areas in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu and the Chittur area of Kerala. The project has a command area of 1620 square kilometres with 185 MW of power generation capacity.

Reverent SubramaniaSwamy Thirukoil

This temple is located at Pollachi. Konga Cholas built this temple of 'Lord Shiva' and named it as 'Thiruvahatheswaramudayar' temple, 700 years ago. This temple is a of high architectural value. In due course, it was called as 'Subramanyar Kovil' and 'Lord Subramanyar' is worshipped here.

Reverent Maasani Amman Thirukoil - Aanaimalai

Anaimalai, a place near Pollachi was earlier ruled by a king called Naanan. He had a very special mango tree in his farm on the riverside of Aaliyar, which he was so fond of. He was so particular that nobody was allowed to use neither the mangoes nor its leaves.Once, a group of girls were having their bathe in the Aaliyar river and saw a mango floating on the river which belonged to nanans tree, on anxiety one of the girl picked the mango and ate it, even after several pleadings made by her father, the king sentenced her to death. After some time the villagers in that particular area formed a female figure in lying state in remembrance of the innocent girl on the graveyard sand and started worshipping her. In due course she was worshipped by the name "Maasani".Later Kozhinkhosargal defeated king Naanan and destroyed that particular mango tree.It is believed that Lord Rama on his way in search of Seetha, was absorbed by the power of this temple, stopped here and performed his meditation adding glory to this temple. Lord GOWRISHANKARAR temple is situated atBg farm anamalai. This temple is dedicated to godess GOWRIAMMAN, the statue has been found during ploughing the field during 1995 and it has been ascetaind by vetran GANPATHI STAPATHI that the statue is in tact and belongs to chola age. For keeping well of goddes a new temple has been erected by GANAPATH STAPATHI during 2004.If you visit the temple you will never forget.

Reverent Alagunachi Amman Temple - Pollachi

It is located at was built in early 1700. in that period, group of people was moving from valliarachal (nearly 80 kilometer fom pollachi),they rested on a river side in pollachi (now the river is no more) they brought the statue of the family god (Arulmigu Alagunachi Amman)and placed it near by and slept, in the morning they found the stacue is missing and so they select one brick and placed it in the same place and built a small temple,and then the family stayed in pollachi. Now the temple is rebuilt in the year 2002.

Reverent ThiruMoorthy Temple - ThiruMoorthy Hills

It is situated at the foot of Thirumoorthy Hills adjoining the Thirumoorthy Dam. This is about 20 km from Udumalpet on the Highway from Palani to Coimbatore. A perennial stream flows by the side of the Sri Amaralingeswarar temple and nearby there is Thirumoorthy Falls. It is believed that a few thousand years ago Athari Maharishi along with his wife Anushiya devi lived here. Moved by their prayer, Lord Shiva together with Brammah and Vishnu (Thiru Moorthigal) came in disguise to test their devotion. Overwhelmed by their appearance the couple offered them tribute. The Thiru Moorthigal refused to accept their offerings as such and demanded that the offering should be made by Anushiya devi in nudity. She accepted their demand and with her power of devotion she changed the Thiru Moorthi's into 3 years old babies and fed them. On seeing the power of devoting Anushiya devi, the Thiru Moorthi's blessed the couple and hence the place is known as Thiru Moorthi hills

Reverent Sulakkal Mariamman Thirukoil - Sulakkal

Three hundred years ago, Sulakal was amidst of dense forest nesting dangerous wild animals and poisonous reptiles. The nearby villagers used to feed their domestic animals in the forest. The owner of a particular cow, which was not giving milk followed it and found his cow shedding milk on a sandhill. On seeing this the cow started galloping. At that moment it's legs were hit by the sandhill. He was shocked to see blood oozing out of the sandhill. He dreamed about the Goddess that night and was dictated to raise a temple in the name of the goddess (Sulakkal Mariamman).

Reverent Shree Velayudhaswamy Thirukoil - Senjerimalai

The 'Thenserigiri Sthalapuranam' relates: As Lord Muruga set out with his battalion to subdue the demon Surapadma, Lord Shiva summoned him to the Thenserigiri hills and, initiating him to certain mantras, endowed him with invincible powers to route and destroy the demon and his retinue.

This is the legendary origin of this temple. Since then Lord Muruga came to be worshipped as Manthragiri and Sri Velayudhaswami. This temple was originally built by Karikala Chola and renovated by Veeraballalai III dates back to 13th century. A holy spring called 'Gnanatheertha Sunai' and a sacred tree known as 'Karunochi' can be seen

Reverent Echanari Vinayagar Thirukoil - Coimbatore

The temple is among the oldest one in Coimbatore and dates back to 1500A.D. The moolavar at this temple was actually meant for Perur Patteshwarar temple and since it got stuck on its way from Madurai, Eachnari became the blessed place. The deity's height is and the width is and is one of the biggest in South India. The last kumbabhishekam was performed in 1990.

Ambarampalayam Darga

This darga is situated on the banks of the river aliyar. A lot of devotees from Kerala and Tamilnadu visit this Darga with a belief that evil spirits will get away.

Reverent Maghudeeswaran Thirukovil - Pollachi

Temple for Lord Shiva raised before 1200 years (i.e. around 800 A.D). It is located 18 km away from Pollachi near Ramanamuthaliputhur village which is between Aanaimalai-Sungam road. Temple was almost ruined and all its pillars had collapsed previously. Currently, reconstruction is in progress. The temple is surrounded by green valleys and rivers that make it more beautiful.

Prasanda Vinayagar Thirukovil - Ambarampalayam Pollachi

Temple for Lord Shiva raised before 1200 years (i.e. around 800 A.D). It is located 18 km away from Pollachi near Ramanamuthaliputhur village which is between Aanaimalai-Sungam road. Temple was almost ruined and all its pillars had collapsed previously. Currently, reconstruction is in progress. The temple is surrounded by green valleys and rivers that make it more beautiful.


  • Azhiyar Dam
  • Thriumurthi Dam
  • Amaravathi Dam
  • Parambikulam Dam
  • Thunakaduvu Dam
  • Kadambarai Dam
  • Peruvaripallam Dam
  • Nirar Dam
  • Meenkarai Dam - This dam is built for multipurpose project such as irrigation, Hydro electricity production.
  • Sholayar Dam - It is 15 km from Valparai. The Solaiyar Dam is the second largest rock dam in Asia. Its length is about 20 km.
  • UpperAliyar Dam

Mahalingapuram-Round Road alais Round Tana

This Round Road is located in Mahalingapuram colony, and it is the most favourite place for joggers, walkers, volleyball, Basketball and batmitton players. The place is the called a get-together place for all the community from Pollachi town. This Round road park opens early morning 5 Am and most of the people come to walk and exercise. This place has a play ground for kindergarden children. The place also features with Jawaharlal Nehru statue(First Primeminister of INDIA).

Educational institutions


  • Arokia Matha Higher Secondary School - AMS
  • Bharathiya Vidhya Mandir,Mahalingapuram
  • Bharathiar Matric School
  • Central Higher Secondary School,A.Nagoor.
  • Gandhi Kala Nilayam High School
  • Good Shephered Matric School,Jothinagar
  • Govt. Hr. Secondary School
  • Govt. High School, Kanjampatti.
  • Kuppanda Gounder elementary school, Mahalingapuram
  • Alagammaiachi Girls Hr.Sec.School,Mahalingapuram
  • Keshav Vidhya Mandir Matric Hr.Sec School, palaghat Road , Pollachi
  • Krishnasamy Matriculation School
  • Mariammal High School,Jothinagar
  • Minerva Matriculation School
  • Municipal Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Nachiarvidyalayam
  • N.G.N.G. Higher Sec. School, Reddiarur
  • Our Lady of Lourde's Matric Higher Sec.School
  • Oxford School
  • Palaniammal Higher Sec.School, Kaliyapuram
  • Palani Gounder High.Sec.School,Mackinampatti
  • Patasala, Mahalingapuram
  • P.K.D. Matriculation School
  • Rukmani Ammal Matric School,Jothinagar
  • R.V.S Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Rediyarmadam
  • Shaanthi Matriculation School
  • Shanthi Niketan School, Mahalingapuram
  • Shenbagam Matriculation Hr. Sec.School
  • Shree Vignesware Hr. Secondary School
  • Siwalik Matriculation Hr.sec.School , A.Sangampalayam
  • Sri Vagisvari Vidya Mandir
  • Sri Lathangi Vidhya Mandir School
  • Silver Bells Matriculation School
  • S.R.M.H.S School, Mahalingapuram
  • Bharath Vidhya Niketan
  • Viswadeepathi Hr Sec School, Unjavelanpatti, Pollachi
  • Vigneswarar Matric Hr sec School, Anagalkurichi

Arts and sciences colleges

Engineering college

ParaMedical college

  • Siva Paramedical College
  • Dr.Alva para medical College & Nursing


Pollachi has lot of textile and coir industries. There are more than 40 mills and Molding units in pollachi: notable ones include Sakthi Mill, Modern mill etc.

Aerospace Materials Private Limited is a company that supplies carbon papers for airplanes. Their main customer is ISRO.

Notable personalities

  • Nachimuthu Gounder ,Philanthropist,Educationalist and Founder of Sakthi Group.
  • Padma Bhushan Pollachi Dr.N. Mahalingam Gounder , Philanthropist, Prominent Industrialist ,Educationalist,Chairman of Sakthi Group and Notable & Prominent Person in the Kongu Districts.
  • Bharat Ratna C. Subramaniam Senior Congress leader ,Father of Green Revolution in India, Former Minister of Finance and Education ,Government of Tamil Nadu ,Former Union Minister for Food, Agriculture and Finance,Government of India and Former Governor of Maharasthra State.


As of 2001 India census, Pollachi had a population of 88,293. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Pollachi has an average literacy rate of 79%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 83%, and female literacy is 74%. In Pollachi, 9% of the population is under 6 years of age.


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