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Polacolor was a post-World War II motion picture color process developed by the Polaroid Corporation. It utilized a three-color dye coupler on a single photographic emulsion.

While Polacolor did not see much use past short subjects and advertisements, Paramount Pictures utilized it in the following series:

Screen Songs Cartoons: Base Brawl, Captown Races, The Circus Comes to Clown, Golden State, Lonestar State, Sing or Swim, and Winter Draws On.

Popeye Cartoons: Popeye Meets Hercules, Robin Hood-Winked, Pre-Hysterical Man, Snow Place Like Home, Wigwam Whoopee, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Symphony in Spinach, Punch and Judo, Rodeo Romeo and Hot Air Aces.

Noveltoon Cartoons: Flip Flop

Polaroid discontinued the process in 1949.


  • Four Aspects of the Film by James L. Limbacher. 1968.

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