Planet of the Drums

Founded in 2000, the Planet of the Drums is the alliance of America's most popular drum and bass DJ's AK1200 (Dave Minner, Orlando, FL), DJ Dara (Darragh Guilfoyle, Brooklyn, NY), Dieselboy (Damian Higgins, Brooklyn, NY), and MC Messinian (James Fiorella, Philadelphia, PA), created to move drum and bass out of siderooms and onto the main stages of electronic dance music events.

origin: Moonshine Over America tour

first year: MC Dub2

In 2008 the Planet of the Drums embarked on their 9th consecutive annual national tour.

Major Events

Detroit Electronic Music Festival, May 2006, Detroit, MI

Electric Daisy Carnival, June 26, 2004, Los Angeles, CA

Starscape, September 27, 2003, Baltimore, MD

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