Pisgah State Park

Pisgah State Park is a woodland located in Cheshire County in New Hampshire. It is the largest state park in New Hampshire and contains a complete watershed north of the Ashuelot River, seven ponds, four highland ridges, numerous wetlands, and a twenty acre parcel of old-growth forest.


The park occupies portions of three towns in southwestern New Hampshire: are in Winchester, the northern are in Chesterfield, and the westernmost are in Hinsdale. Elevations in the park range from above sea level along the Ashuelot River at the southwestern corner of the park to at the summit of Hubbard Hill near the park's northwestern boundary. The largest water body is the Pisgah Reservoir/Round Pond, west of the center of the park. Kilburn Pond is near the western border.

Recreational use

Pisgah State Park is open year round for hiking. Mountain biking, ATV and snowmobile use is permitted on certain trails. There are six trailheads around the park that provide free access to the public.


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